Shellye Tow

Black-and-white portrait of Shellye Tow

Hometown: Wylie, Texas
Shellye Tow is a photographer and art historian who explores the complexity of the human experience. She uses cameraless and alternative processes in her practice, and, using cyanotypes — framed and unframed — she weaves her installations together, creating ever-changing pieces and experiences. The installations respond to and evolve with each location, similar to our constantly evolving understanding of history. Her ongoing art history research of the 19th Century inspires her art and admiration for the intricacy of history and time.

Fragmenting Time

"Fragmenting Time," 2021
Cyanotype, thread, frames
3 x 13 ft.

A rectangular composition constructed from small abstract cyanotype images in various blues, turquoises, and beiges. Two of these have frames. A web of white threads lays over the individual pieces to form connections between them.

Untitled 4

"Untitled 4," 2021
Cyanotype, thread, frames
24 x 36 in.

A rectangular cyanotype image in various blues and beiges is attached to the white gallery wall. A web of white thread crosses over it. On top of this piece hangs a framed smaller cyanotype in blue and white.

Untitled Book

"Untitled Book," 2020
Cyanotype, thread
9 x 27 in.

Six identical sepia photographic portraits of a woman sitting in an accordion-shaped turquoise paper book. Each portrait has a different level of clarity to it.