Augustine "Austin" Uzor

Black-and-white portrait of Augustine Uzor

Hometown: Imo State, Nigeria | Dallas
As an immigrant displaced from my home country, I experience a recurring struggle about how to fit into a place unfamiliar. Having lived in the United States for many years, I also experience displacement when visiting my home country of Nigeria. Dislocation from both countries led to my painting about the physicality and psychology of what one can truly identify as home. I paint ambiguous spaces out of the debris of past and present experiences. By creating alternate realities built from a psychological recontextualization of memories, I’ve found temporal windows of possibilities, mirroring my reality of existing simultaneously between two worlds.

Installation Image 1

"Installation Image 1," 2021
Oil on panels
96 x 522 in.

An exterior photograph of an eight-foot-tall circular room created by individual panels in the center of a gallery space. The panels are light gray with black figures of a soccer team painted across them. One screen has a blue rectangular shape near the bottom.

Installation Image 10

"Installation Image 10," 2021
Oil on panels
96 x 522 in.

Detail of an internal panel in a circular space with a clothesline and clothespins above two cut-out female figures. The panels are dark blue, and the women wear blue clothing and blue headscarves.

Installation Image 19

"Installation Image 19," 2021
Oil on panels
96 x 522 in.

Gallery view from above of a circular room constructed of eight-foot-tall panels. The view shows the spiral shape of the room, with its vibrant blue interior and gray and brown exterior.