Naomi Peterson

Black-and-white portrait of Naomi Peterson

Hometown: Quincy, Ill.
I use material and process to create contexts between objects to better understand and define the connections between seemingly disparate things. Integrating both analog and digital methods such as hand building, laser cutting, knitting, 3D printing, and felting, I explore what craft means in the digital age. The ornate pedestals represent the gravity of a perceived circumstance such as making a promise. Trust, like a ceramic object, can be broken as well as repaired, though the result will most certainly be altered. Through these contexts, I examine my own experiences and observations in building relationships facilitated by objects and rituals.


"Division," 2021
3D printed resin, porcelain, wool, wood
24 x 15 in.

Artwork in an exhibition showing a sculpture with two blue polka-dotted and pink vessels mounted on a white hollow kidney-shaped base. This sculpture sits on a wooden stand in a gallery.

Hugging (detail)

"Hugging (detail)," 2021
Red stoneware, plastic, wool, wood
Variable sizes

Piece of art in an exhibition showing a red hollow sculpture that appears to have arms extended. The "arms" have a woven fabric attached to them, connecting across the room to a similar piece.


"Communion," 2021
Red stoneware fired to cone 4, laser cut wood
Variable sizes

Detail of an exhibition showing five sculptures together on a semicircular wooden shelf attached to a white wall.  The four pieces are partially white tubular shapes with red shapes on top of them that have a texture on one rounded side created by small spheres and a decorative design on the other flat side.