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Steps to share your news or request CVAD Marketing services

Fill in the blank fields of this simple web form. Need help? Contact with your questions. Note: As a general rule, we do not post job openings for entities external to CVAD. Please contact the CVAD Career Coach Marcy Bishop about how to promote your notice of vacancy.

News stories that are current or upcoming will be given priority. Please provide at least seven to 10 business days in advance of your anticipated date of publication. All requests for news embargoes are honored. External calls for proposals of CVAD student artwork or exhibitions are not accepted and should be directed to the Department of Studio Art,

Step 1

Fill in the blanks of this web form and click Submit.

In the text box titled "What's the News?", please write short, clear descriptions for all images and videos to make them accessible to people who are blind, visually impaired or have low vision. Placard information is required for all works of art and design. Note: Instagram has a 2,200 character limit — including spaces. Hashtags: Include your preferred hashtags in camel case form, not all lowercase or capital letters — or the submission will be returned for correction. 

CVAD tombstone format for artworks, Line 1: name of artist, year of birth (optional), Line 2: name of exhibit, year it was made, Line 3: materials/media of the work or design, Line 4: dimensionsStep 2

Image and video requirements: At the bottom of the web form, upload your images (.jpg, .png) or a text document (.docx or .rtf): by logging in with your EUID and password. Then, upload your files. Do you have more than two images? See the image and video requirements web page. Files that exceed 700KB should be emailed to All images must be cleared in advance by the submitter for permission or copyright considerations and meet the image-size requirements in Step 2.

Important: Please follow the file size and dimensions requirements or your request may/will be delayed. Videos: For .mp4 files, please link to the video on OneDrive, DropBox or another file-sharing app. Notices about stories in the external media or about events that are external to UNT do not require an image, however, links to any online content are welcome.

Image Description: For your accompanying text, attach a Word document or use the text box of the Share News web form. Please include the required placard or image identification information, also called a tombstone, along with descriptions (alternative text) for universal accessibility. Preferred: If you're sending a lot of text, attach an MS Word file saved as an .rtf file: in Word, File > Save as > Rich Text Format .rtf).

All Images Must Have Alternative Text

Accessibility Requirements: Submissions about CVAD-related news without descriptions/alternative text of the images for people who are blind, visually impaired or have low vision will not be posted. Write a concise description for people who use assistive technology — no more than 140–160 words. Resource: webinar about writing alt text and image descriptions.

Photography Sessions

In the text box, please describe the photos you are requesting, where they will be used — for print or digital media — and a bit about the purpose of the session to help us capture the photos you seek. Include the disposition of the images; where (OneDrive?) or to whom do you want them sent.
Appointments: Sessions are booked in 30-minute increments. When requesting a photo session, please keep the following availability of our photographer in mind.
Monday: Not Available  | Tuesday: 11:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.  |  Wednesday: 8 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Thursday & Friday: Not Available 
Other times will be considered case-by-case to work around our photographer's class schedule and other bookings.

Please enter the earliest date you would like to have this published. Note: Your news will be published in seven to 10 days — or as soon as possible. News older than 30 days will not be accepted.
Please ensure all names match the name in the UNT official files for verification in EIS. Multiple names? Add them in the text box or attach a Word document.
Undergraduate, graduate, director, professor, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturer, board member, etc.
If the news is associated with a specific course and faculty member, please add the course title, number and faculty's name. Enter N/A if not applicable.
Please select more than one option to help identify the media you want used to publish this information.
Indicate here which service(s) you are requesting.
What do you want the post or article to say? Write a draft or provide bulleted information here. Add your requested hashtags too! UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY: Add a short description of the art, photo or image, e.g., tombstone information about the art PLUS a description for the blind and visually impaired. Use a list for multiple images. Image #1: Describe any people, colors, background, art, design, etc. Image #2: Example: Jennifer with long brown hair, smiling, wearing a blue sweater, Art Building in the background. (This example is 95 characters: no more than 100 characters is recommended.) Please consider the value of your news, such as how it supports the mission of CVAD and informs current or prospective students as well as faculty, staff, alumni and other CVAD stakeholders.
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