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In the text box, please write short, clear descriptions for all images and videos to make them accessible to our blind and visually impaired audience. Placard information is required for all works of art and design.

CVAD tombstone format for artworks, Line 1: name of artist, year of birth (optional), Line 2: name of exhibit, year it was made, Line 3: materials/media of the work or design, Line 4: dimensionsStep 2

Add your images (.jpg or .png) or a text document (.docx or .rtf): log in with your EUID and password then upload your files.

Please include the required placard or image information, also called a tombstone, along with descriptions (alternative text) for the blind and visually impaired. Preferred: to send text, attach an MS Word file saved as an .rtf file: in Word, File > Save as > Rich Text Format .rtf). To ensure your images/videos are usable, view the image-size and video requirements. Images that do not meet the minimum requirements cannot be used.

Important Note: Submissions about CVAD-related news without attached images and their descriptions/alternative text for the blind and visually impaired will not be posted; all images must be cleared in advance by the submitter for permission or copyright considerations and meet the image-size requirements in Step 2. Notices about stories in the external media or about events that are external to UNT do not require an image but please provide a link to any online content.


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Student names must match the name in the UNT official files. Do you have multiple names or preferred names to include? Add them in the text box or attach a Word document with the first and last name, major field of study and classification (grad or undergrad).
What do you want the post or article to say? Write a draft or provide bulleted information here. Add your requested hashtags too! IMPORTANT ACCESSIBILITY REQUIREMENT: Add a short description of the art, photo or image, e.g., tombstone information about the art PLUS a description for the blind and visually impaired. Use a list for multiple images. Image #1: Description of what's going on. Image #2: Description of what's going on. Please consider the value of this information such as how it supports the mission of CVAD, informs current or prospective students as well as faculty and staff of the college and CVAD's stakeholders.
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