Morgan Grasham

Black-and-white portrait of Morgan Grasham, woman with long curly hair

Hometown: Dallas
Memory Beast was a series of experiments in multispecies collaborative storytelling. A new tool was created, a memory beast, a holotype representing our ideas of specific species, based on memories and drawings collected in participatory research. The fabricated memory beasts, placed next to their biological counterparts, made visible the conflation of living species with personal memory and cultural imagery. Using this new tool, implanted with sonic recordings of cows, the beginnings of an interspecies pidgin language was developed. Memory Beast imagined and enacted new pathways to finite flourishing on wounded earth, planting story seeds for alternative realities.

Memory Beast (installation)

"Memory Beast (installation)," 2020
Cowhide, steel, PLA, CNC routed wood, cardboard

Gallery installation of green sculptural trees and plants made from wood and cardboard to create an environment for a black four-legged, headless fictional animal.

Cow Piece (detail)

"Cow Piece (detail)," 2020
Performance, projected film, CNC routed wood

Still shot of a projected film showing two cows and a fictional cow-like animal in front of a large pile of wooden debris in a green field. 

Burning House (video still)

"Burning House (video still)," 2020
Video still

Video still shot of a wooden structure on fire next to a dead tree in a green field. Gray smoke billows across the top right area of the image.