Cosmo Jones

Black-and-white portrait of Cosmo Jones

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
As an artist, I prefer to allow styles, materials, and techniques to drift as I radically experiment based on instinctual decision-making. I feel this gives my paintings their own kind of consciousness. The purpose of my work is simply to allow truths to uncover themselves and then to present those discoveries to viewers. It is up to the viewers to find what is useful to them. This is how I fulfill my role as an artist — by moving into gray areas of reality and mystical states of consciousness in order to bring something back as an offering.

The Precarious Offspring of Hard Fortune

"The Precarious Offspring of Hard Fortune," 2020
Mixed media
47 x 50 in.

The mixed media collage has a large yellow face, surrounded by colorful areas with a variety of printed and painted designs. Across the top red, blue, and gold floral fabric hangs with gold fringe.

Piss on a Fly

"Piss on a Fly," 2020
Acrylic on paper
38 x 46 in.

An abstract figure sits with legs folded, holding an object. Areas of yellow and blue lines fill the body, and plant motifs in yellow on green cover the right side.

No Work of Love Will Flourish Out of Guilt, Fear, or Hollowness of Heart

"No Work of Love Will Flourish Out of Guilt, Fear, or Hollowness of Heart," 2021
Mixed media
66 x 54 in.

A mixed media piece shows a man and woman wearing Hawaiian leis at the front, a hula dancer in the background, and another transparent female figure is in the center. They all appear to be happy. The environment is orange with dark painted areas marked by the artist's fingers.