Jihye Han

Black-and-white portrait of Jihye Han

Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Using clay and found materials I explore aesthetic notions and create abstract narratives within the context of belonging and displacement through sculptural installations. I use symbolism to analyze the duality between tangible and intangible spatial relationships. My work draws from personal experiences and my Korean heritage; I use physical processes to investigate diverse facets of perception in order to broaden emotional, physical and cultural understandings of the human experience. My work uses abstraction and ambiguity to confuse the viewer and blur boundaries and categories to avoid stereotypes of race and gender.
Website: JihyeHanArt.com

Journey to the West (detail)

"Journey to the West (detail)," 2021
White stoneware, plastic zip tie
26 x 26 in.

Detail of a larger piece with ceramic rectangles held together by brightly colored zip ties; these hang on a white wall. The rectangles are painted white with black line drawings of people, buildings, and bicycle wheels. Blots of color accompany the drawings.

11009km (installation image)

"11009km (installation image)," 2021
Clay, wood, vinyl

A white wooden cart constructed with wheels sits on a wooden gallery floor. The floor has a simulated railroad track made from black tape crossing it from left to right. The cart has asymmetrical, open sides designed from dowels and strips of wood. Other rolling structures sit in the background.

11009km (video still)

"11009km (video still)," 2021
Clay, wood, vinyl

This still frame from a video shows the artist placing white plaster objects onto an L-shaped white wooden cart in a gallery. The plaster objects resemble folded cloths.