Russell Anderson

Black-and-white portrait of Russell Anderson

Hometown: Allen, Texas
My artwork is centered around my passion for aquariums and aquascaping. I create elements and environmental aquascapes based on desired aquatic esthetics which do not organically exist in nature, but through genetic modification. My scapes and forms are inspired by the aesthetics of the ocean depths, the commonality of artificially created aquariums, and by studying the newest trends within aquacultured specimens. I use common aquarium and traditional sculptural materials like bronze, silver, and gold leaf to create these desired aesthetical forms.

Dragon Butterfly Koi

"Dragon Butterfly Koi," 2019
Bronze, patina
10 x 24 in.

Bronze casting of a dragon butterfly koi goldfish mounted upon a white pedestal. The bronze has a turquoise green patina on it. The fish's long fins rest on the pedestal, so it appears to be swimming through the air. Lighting from above casts intersecting shadows upon the base.

Light Series 48 Bar

"Light Series 48 Bar," 2020
Vinyl, aquarium light, brackets
24 x 48 in.

A black, fluorescent light fixture is attached to a wall. Purple light reflects on the wall from the light and creates shadows. A horizontal rectangle of bright blue hangs beneath the light.

Homage to The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (detail)

“Homage to The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (detail)," 2020
Driftwood, aquarium plants, 3D print, bronze
13 x 18 in.

Detailed shot of a sculpture that resembles an aquarium. A small gold diver with a large spherical diver's helmet stands next to a yellow plastic aquarium plant. A large piece of light brown driftwood juts into the picture from the left side above the man, a black stone, a white stone, and a small golden crab. The white floor resembles sand. Metallic branches stand in the background.