Kelsey Shurbet

Black-and-white portrait of Kelsey Shurbet

Hometown: Denton, Texas
Each of my oil or pastel paintings is an observation of seemingly mundane familiar places that I encounter day-to-day. I think of my art as a kind of visual journalism, where I examine common human emotions evoked by a careful consideration of the substance of light interacting with spaces or objects. The naturalistically rendered compositions are cropped and depicted in small fragments, allowing the viewer a brief glimpse into a quiet portrayal of the world.  Essentially, my art allows me to share my sensibilities and to connect with others through portraits of ordinary, yet intimate, moments in time.

Wall Corners

"Wall Corners," 2019
Pastel on paper
6 x 7.5 - 6 x 8.75 in. each

Five pastel drawings on paper aligned on a gallery wall depict the shadows, light, and shapes where the corners meet the ceiling of a room. Each shows a different corner with different colors.

Nighttime Drive

"Nighttime Drive," 2019
Pastel on paper
16 x 20 in.

A grid of nine photographic-based, pastel drawings show a man's face in a car at night. The areas around the pictures are black.


"Intimate," 2020
Pastel on paper
19.5 x 25.5 in.

Five realistic pastel drawings of hands, shoulders, and knees arranged on a coral-colored background.