Kyung Hee "Kate" Im

Black-and-white portrait of Kate Im

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
“Entanglement” is an exhibition that highlights aspects of physical isolation and how isolation has been exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. These artworks depict the ways people maintain remote relationships, staying connected with digital communication tools and complex networking systems. The sculptures portray bodies that are often fragmented, their parts isolated from one another in space, but also bound together by a network of fragile threads. Those physical threads represent intangible connections, which are in a state of constant flux – sagging down or pulling taught under tension, getting clumped and twisted together, and becoming permanently entangled over time.

Shedding Skins

"Shedding Skins," 2020
Threads, wood, foam, plaster
frame: 84.75 x 38 x 12 in., figure: 62.4 in. H

Sculpture of a life-sized figure wrapped in gauze and plaster, with words and numbers printed on it in black. The figure holds its hands to its forehead while facing a seven-foot-high screen made from hundreds of vertical white threads.

Remote (detail)

"Remote (detail)," 2021
Thread, fabric
dimensions variable (fabric: 60 x 48 in.)

This installation is a sheet of white fabric stitched with numerous red rectangular spiral designs. The designs resemble fingerprints, and red threads fall from various points on the spirals. 

Don't Touch

"Don't Touch," 2021
Thread, foam
dimensions variable (hand: 36 x 22.5 x 10.5 in.)

Sculpture of a three-foot-long white hand made of foam wrapped in red thread. The hand hangs palm upward in mid-air, and the red threads extend away from it in all directions.