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Message from Dean Hutzel

May 28, 2024

Hello, Friends,

Karen Hutzel facing forward looking to her right, wearing academic regalia.After an exceptional spring semester filled with exhibitions, capstone projects, and dissertation defenses, we proudly celebrated joyful commencement ceremonies for about 400 students, marking their transition to our newest alumni. Much of their success in completing their degrees is thanks to the scholarships and financial support provided by CVAD’s endowments. Last year, we awarded our students $304,340 in scholarship funds, all made possible by the generosity of donors and friends like you. This year, we also marked a successful second annual UNT Day of Giving, coordinated by Senior Associate Dean Eric Ligon, which increased the gifts to CVAD by 215%. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your support. Read on for more details about this year's achievements.

Various rectangles and circles in blue, orange, yellow and gray, We Did That.Among the many student exhibitions this semester, the "We DID That" exhibition remains on view through the summer. We hope to see you in the Art Building for this outstanding show, created and installed by graduating seniors from the Communication Design programs in Graphic Design and User-Experience Design. It's open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Paul Voertman Gallery. Many of our graduating seniors have their exhibits online, showcasing work from the Design and Studio Art departments; you're invited to see them on our CVAD Senior Shows and M.F.A. Catalogues web pages. We were thrilled this spring that Graphic Design USA recognized UNT CVAD Communication Design: Graphic Design program as one of the top design schools in the nation — read more.

We also celebrated other good news this spring, including the election of four faculty members to the College Art Association of America Board — with Art History Professor Denise Amy Baxter as president! We honored CVAD faculty and staff members for their combined 190 years of service to UNT. Additionally, we hosted a fun watch party for Karen Hutzel and Jeff McClung wearing decorated safety goggles for the solar eclipse.the solar eclipse — as the photo shows, CVAD was well-prepared for the spectacle with proper eye protection.

As our calendars tend to fill up quickly, I encourage you to save two special dates: Sept. 21, from 9:30 a.m. to noon, for our annual Scholarship Awards Presentation, and Oct. 26, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., for our annual CVAD Celebrates event and open house. 

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community. Wishing you a cool and creative summer.

Warm regards,
Karen written in cursive handwriting

Karen Hutzel, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor

College of Visual Arts and Design
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 130 Years of Visual Arts, Design and Scholarship

1940 black-and-white photo of students in front of easels with a model in the foreground

The Spring 2024 edition of UNT's "North Texan" magazine celebrates CVAD’s 130th anniversary with an article by Lisa Sciortino, a senior communications specialist in the Division of University Brand Strategy and Communications, titled "Marking A Milestone: Reflections on the 130-year history of UNT's College of Visual Arts and Design."

The online version features a banner photo of CVAD alumna Naomi Peterson, 2021, M.F.A., Studio Art: Ceramics. The article highlights the long-standing presence of art and design education at UNT. Art classes began in 1893, just three years after the university's founding. A century later, the program separated from the College of Arts and Sciences to become the School of Visual Arts, and in 2007, it evolved into UNT's College of Visual Arts and Design.

Read the article to explore historical photos and comments by Karen Hutzel, dean; Dornith Doherty, professor; Letitia Huckaby, alum and visiting assistant professor; and Johnnie Stark, alum and associate professor, and others!

Celebrating the future with our newest grads: Spring Commencement 2024!

  Creative U Summer Arts Program

Share with your favorite rising junior or senior high schooler: Creative U details and application!

  Alumni in Touch

Catch up with a few alums in the spotlight here, see more on our Alumni Profiles page. Let us hear from you on the Alumni Update Form. To view the senior shows of our newest alums, please visit the 2024 Senior Shows.

Adela facing forward smiling, red hairAdela Andea, 2012, M.F.A., Studio Art with a concentration in New Media Art. The Houston-based, Romanian-born artist was the inaugural graduate of the CVAD’s New Media Art program. Since then, her sculptures and installations have been widely exhibited in museums and institutions such as The Museum of Arts and Design, New York City; Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas; and Crystal Palace, Bordeaux, France. Andea's inspirations are almost always derived from science­­—from the bioluminescence of underwater sea life to the melting icebergs that plague the planet to cosmological and interstellar events—Andea connects nature and science in a technological vernacular. Learn more about Adela on her UNTCVAD Alumna Profile web page.

Tania facing forward, smiling, long brown hair, background of an ancient buildingTania Kolarik, 2015, M.A., Art History. In her senior year of high school, Kolarik took an advanced placement art history course that sparked her love of art history. However, after high school, she pursued a bachelor of science in biomedical science and “was wholly miserable and changed course to become an art historian.” Upon arriving at UNT, her experiences only reinforced her decision to study art history was right for her. “All my professors at UNT supported me, especially my advisors, Mickey Abel, Paula Lupkin, and Christopher Fuhrmann. I would also not be as successful at the University of Wisconsin–Madison without the help of our administrative staff, Belinda Reyes.” Learn more about Tania on her UNTCVAD Alumna Profile web page.

Naomi smiling, short dark hair, denim top.Naomi Peterson, 2021, M.F.A., Studio Art: Ceramics

Recently named one of Ceramics Monthly's 2024 Emerging Artists, Naomi Peterson stood out from over 840 applicants. Her work features charming objects that transcend their inanimate nature, blending bright colors and soft patterns with hard materials to explore the emotional potential of functional items. Utilizing her traditional ceramic training as a lens, she meticulously constructs forms layer by layer, often incorporating analog and digital techniques. Peterson was cited by the magazine for demonstrating exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication to her chosen areas of interest. She looks to nature, culture, daily life, history, interpersonal relationships, memories, and more for inspiration. Stretching the limits of ceramic practices and materials, Peterson is dedicated to creating poignant sculptural objects and functional vessels. UNTCVAD Alumna Profile web page.

Mark Alister Raymer smiling and looking to his left, wearing a baseball cap, faded black sweatshirtMark Alister Raymer, 2009, B.F.A., Studio Art: Printmaking

I knew art was for me at an early age, so I took my Ninja Turtles to school to do still-life drawings of them. It sparked a drive to capture the world as I saw it. After receiving my B.F.A. in printmaking from UNT, I lived abroad in New Zealand for six months, and it was there that I realized there was so much more for me to learn about being an artist. I moved back to the States and eventually to Lawrence, Kansas, where I received my M.F.A. in printmaking from the University of Kansas. Raymer says his current work is informed by the confusion of navigating one’s sense of place. “Depending on where you are in the world, obtaining and holding onto a home can be difficult for many reasons, and if lost or never gained, it can invoke a sense of displacement, a loss of sure footing. UNTCVAD Alumnus Profile web page.

Graphic Design USA recognizes UNT as a Top Design School for 2024 and two of our newest alums as Students to Watch

Keaton smiling, short red hair, blue shirtKeaton Dillard, 2024, B.F.A., Communication Design with a concentration in Graphic Design, is a designer, brother to six, brother-in-law to two, and uncle to one, living in Denton, Texas. Growing up primarily in Cappadocia, Turkey, amidst an enchanting landscape, hot-air balloons, and endless cups of Turkish tea, he developed a deep love of beauty that found its voice in drawing, painting, and typography. He takes great delight in elegant, detailed design, thick business cards, and small folios. Although he appreciates digital art and illustration, he will always be faithful to anything that finds its final voice in the physical, whether it be posters, publications, menus, or packaging. Find more of his work at KeatonDillard.com.

John Paul smiling, short dark hair, lavender button-down shirtJohn Paul Nguyen, 2024, B.F.A., Communication Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. He has a strong interest in branding, art direction, and publication design, with a keen interest in the sports design industry. Nguyen hopes to leverage his skills and passion by joining a sports team or a related company. He has always been passionate and driven, eager to bring his creativity and innovative ideas forward. Actively seeking opportunities to grow and make a difference in the design world, he combines technical proficiency with a deep understanding of user-centric design to create captivating visuals that effectively communicate messages and ideas. View his portfolio at JohnPaulNguyen.com.

  CVAD Faculty Elected to CAA Board

Four people, Denise Amy Baxter, Brian Scott Campbell, Carey Gibbons and Su YangThe College Art Association of America elects Denise Amy Baxter as board president

The CAA membership recently announced its election of Denise Amy Baxter, pictured upper left, professor of Art History and associate dean of the UNT Toulouse Graduate School, as president of the CAA Board of Directors for two years. Charged with the CAA’s long-term financial stability and strategic direction, the board is the association’s governing body. It sets policy regarding all CAA activities, including publishing, the annual conference, awards and fellowships, advocacy, and committee procedures.

Brian Scott Campbell, pictured upper right, co-chair of the Committee on Research and Scholarship; Carey Gibbons, lower left, assistant professor of Art History; and Su Yang, lower right, assistant professor of Foundations, who are members of the Committee on Women in the Arts, are also doing important work for the association. Art History Professor Nada Shabout recently completed her board term. Read more. 

  UNT Day of Giving | Big Thanks

Day of Giving, College of Visual Arts and Design
Eric Ligon smiling, brown hair, green shirt

By Eric Ligon

Senior Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs
Distinguished University Professor, Communication Design: Graphic Design

If you're reading this, you probably received a request from me for a donation, so thank you for accepting my emails — and big thanks to our donors!

Thanks to our 92 donors — alums, faculty, staff, students and friends, the total for CVAD during the UNT Day of Giving is $13,532 and counting! I hope you received a thank you note from the university, too!

UNT Day of Giving 2024 represents an increase in the number of donors to CVAD by a remarkable 249% and a 215% increase in the total amount given. Our total includes a $2,000 Challenge Grant from the CVAD Advancement Board and a $4,400 Challenge Grant from the CVAD deans, chairs and Foundations director!

Donating to CVAD is open all year — especially when you win the Lottery! Please keep us in mind by visiting the CVAD Giving web page or contact me, Eric LigonEric.Ligon@unt.edu, at your convenience.

Thank you once again for your generosity toward CVAD students!

  Honoring D. Jack Davis

Jack Davis facing forward, smiling, white hair and mustache, wearing a coat and tie.

2024 D. Jack Davis Lecture Series: Occupying Space: Critical Coalitions in Art Education

The CVAD Department of Art Education, the Jo Ann (Jody) and Dr. Charles O. Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts and Design and CVAD hosted the annual D. Jack Davis Lecture Series within the Art Building in April. The event was the 14th in the series, established in 2008 to honor founding CVAD Dean and Professor of Art Education D. Jack Davis, whose leadership, teaching, and scholarly contributions helped shape the trajectory of the college’s success over many years.

Because of his broad impact on art education, Davis recently received the Eisner Lifetime Achievement Award, overseen by the National Art Education Association. The NAEA is the world's largest professional art education association and the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts, design, and media arts education professionals.

For this year’s iteration of the series, the CVAD Art Education faculty and the Onstead Institute joined forces, showcasing the power of collaboration in the field. They expanded the format, presenting a daylong symposium that featured a diverse range of notable scholars, teachers, arts writers, administrators, and museum professionals. Among them were gloria j. wilson and Jorge Lucero, both esteemed figures in the field who traveled across the country to participate, and other panelists from local communities and those from across the state. 

Jack and Gail standing in the conference room named for them.Thematically, the symposium considered how educators and professionals can respond to the shifting social and economic justice definitions that have ignited socio-political discourse across art and education. More than forty guests attended, including teachers, leadership, program directors from area school districts, museums, arts organizations, and CVAD graduate students.

The symposium demonstrated the tremendous collaborative potential within the college while extending the legacy of excellence initiated by Davis.

Davis is an emeritus professor of art at the University of North Texas and a former co-director, 1990-2005, and director, 2005-2011, of the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts. Davis holds a B.A. in art and education, an M.A. in education from Baylor University, Waco, Texas, and a Ph.D. in art education from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minnesota. From 1971 to 2011, Davis taught at UNT for 40 years. He served in various administrative capacities, including department chair, 1976-1983, vice provost of the university, 1983-1993, and founding dean of the College of Visual Arts and Design, 1993-2004. Davis was also the co-director and director of the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts from 1990-2011. Before coming to UNT, he taught at Texas Tech University, the University of Minnesota, Wayland College, Baylor University, and the Waco, Texas Public Schools.

  Community Art and Design Supply Shelves

CVAD Community Art & Design Supply ShelvesThis summer, we will build our Community Art and Design Supply Shelves in preparation for the fall semester. Please let us know if you would like to donate art supplies or share books related to art, art education, art history, or design. To drop off supplies or books, please contact CVAD Facilities Manager Jeff McClung at Jeffrey.McClung@unt.edu or 940-369-7237. For donations to the supply fund, please contact Senior Associate Dean Eric Ligon at Eric.Ligon@unt.edu.

  New on Our Bookshelf

"The Art of Mary Linwood: Embroidery, Installation, and Entrepreneurship in Britain, 1787–1845" by Heidi A. Strobel, Ph.D., professor of Art History and associate dean for Student and Academic Affairs.

"Success on the Spectrum: Practical Strategies for Engaging Neurodiverse Audiences in Arts and Cultural Organizations" by alums Emily Wiskera, 2014, Graduate Academic Certificate in Art Museum Education, and Lynda Wilbur, 2013, M.A., Art Education

  On the Calendar

CVAD Upcoming EventsUNT Alumni Calendar | UNT Events Calendar | Gallery Exhibitions
May 27: Memorial Day — campus closed
June 1–Aug. 4: Exhibition "Floral in Fashion." Hosted by the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, organized by the Texas Fashion Collection, exploring the history of floral fashion at the DeGolyer House, Dallas.
June 3–21: Creative U Summer Arts Program for rising high school juniors and seniors
June 19: Juneteenth, Emancipation Day — campus closed
June 19, 6–8 p.m.: TFC presents "Botanical Couture: From Garden to Garment," Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, A Tasteful Place; Adult member $10, Adult guest $15
July 4: Independence Day — campus closed
July 9, 5:30–6:30 p.m.: Moving the Needle: Stitches and Stories by Annette Becker, director, Texas Fashion Collection, Robson Ranch Clubhouse. Reservations are required through UNT OLLI
July 20 or 23, 2:45–4:15 p.m., "Chanel in Detail," by Annette Becker, director, Texas Fashion Collection, Art Building, Room 259. Limited to 20, reservations are required through UNT OLLI
Sept. 2: Labor Day — campus closed
Sept. 21, 9:30 a.m. to noon: Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation, Art Building

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