Randal Robins

Black-and-white portrait of Randal Robins

Hometown: Dallas
My work explores the intersection between my childhood drawings, curiosities, fascinations, and memories. I am focused on objects within the spaces where I grew up, that have fueled my imagination and stylistic proclivities. These objects operate as symbols, megaliths, and hieroglyphs with the understanding that the surface is a liminal space for these configurations to interact and make new meaning. I explore family history, Jewish decadence, inherited taste, fantasies, embellishment, the infinite realm, and anthropomorphized artifice. The almost Neoplatonist pursuit for a personal aesthetic of beauty is always paramount. Thus, the work has a sentimentality to it and an object-like quality that filters through my truths. I seek to find the common threads between the objects that I have been obsessed with, motifs within my larger body of work, and overarching curiosities that have caused me to wonder.
Website: RandalRobins.com

Tapestry, Interior Mindscape, Shield, Forging Ahead, The Observer's World, Twin Stars, Cherubim

"Tapestry, Interior Mindscape, Shield, Forging Ahead, The Observer's World, Twin Stars, Cherubim," 2021
Oil, gesso, Swarovski crystals, lithography
various sizes

Nine colorful 2D pieces arranged together on a white wall — separately named as Mindscape, a blue-and-gold globe; Shield, with lines of various colors; Forging Ahead, a pink-and-white lithograph of running horses; Tapestry, a festive carousel; Cherubim, two crowned guards flanking the Tapestry; The Observer's World, a globe; and Twin Stars, a gold ring with two red spheres. 

Across Space and Time, Macrocosm

"Across Space and Time, Macrocosm," 2021
Oil, acrylic, Swarovski crystal, plaster, gold leaf
Top to bottom 24 x 48; 60 x 48 in.

Three colorful 2D pieces are arranged vertically on a white wall. A top panel is abstract with a dark blue background with red and yellow lines across the picture plane. Below this is a square panel that resembles outer space in dark blue with white dotted shapes and larger objects that look like jewelry. Beneath these, a small golden three-dimensional head wears a turban-like hat.

Coat of Arms, Vanitas, Fractal Universe

"Coat of Arms, Vanitas, Fractal Universe," 2020
Oil and gesso on cradled birch panel and board
Left to right 48 x 24;  48 x 36;  48 x 24 in.

Four colorful 2D pieces are arranged together on a white wall. Three rectangular panels hang side by side below a panel shaped like a crowning cornice.  The large central panel's colorful line drawing depicts objects sitting on a narrow shelf.