Emily Grace Potts

Portrait of Emily Grace Potts

Hometown: Houston, Texas
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Working to unravel my sense of the world and challenge the narratives and beliefs I hold as truths; I have created a reimagined and surreal bathroom that offers a private and vulnerable space filled with hidden horrors. The animated, imperfect, decayed, and cracked bathroom forms bridge the gap between the impermanent fragility of memory and the ongoing beliefs of a personal narrative. I worked to overcome the assumption that, to heal, something must be completely resolved within itself. Instead, I offer that healing is an undescribed area, that is unmeasurable, and it is forever evolving and never finished.


"Install," 2022
Steel, chicken wire, newsprint, spackle, paper, porcelain, aluminum, oil-based clay, Double Bubble Gum, beeswax, pigment, yarn
various sizes

Install (Child, the Highchair, and Sink)

"Install (Child, the Highchair, and Sink)" 2022
Figure: Steel rod, aluminum, oil-based clay, Double Bubble Gum Chair: Steel, paper, epoxy, beeswax, pigment Sink: Ceramic, underglaze, PC-7 epoxy, plywood, paint, found fuzz
75 x 38 x 32 in. Figure: 28 x 13 x 23 in. Chair: 57 x 35 x 39 in. Sink: 25 x 16 x 20 in.

Tub (Drain Detail)

"Tub (Drain Detail)," 2021
Steel, chicken wire, newsprint, spackle
75 x 38 x 32 in.

I Just Woke Up

"I Just Woke Up," 2021
Bedsheet, silk, batting, epoxy, spray paint, wood, acrylic
29 x 38 x 2 in.

Healing & Reassembling Title

"Healing & Reassembling Title," 2022
porcelain, epoxy, stoneware, paint
various sizes