Felicia Jordan

Portrait of Felicia Jordan

Hometown: Dallas
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My work explores the interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships we have with our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Using techniques ranging from traditional carpentry to digital fabrication, the works are created to represent individual traumatic experiences as well as the universality of loss. My pieces are meant to elicit an empathic response from the audience. There are common traumas and pains that bring humans together as a form of bonding.

A blue corset on a black mannequin torso. Two framed pictures hang on the wall behind the torso

"Beauty (Internal)," 2021
Mixed media
65 x 60 in.

Cerebral Play

"Cerebral Play," 2022
Wood, Acyrlic, Vinyl
72 x 240 in.

Things She Could Not Say

"Things She Could Not Say," 2022
Porcelain, roses
6 x 444 in.

Things She Could Not Say - Detail

"Things She Could Not Say - Detail," 2022
Porcelain, roses
6 x 444 in.


"Unseen," 2022
Sterling Silver
2.75 x 2.75 in.