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Art Education

Keisha Casiano, 2015, B.F.A., Visual Arts, Instagram, CVAD Highlight
Stacey Lizotte, 2007, M.A., New position: Dallas Museum of Art
Tina Medina, 2013, M.A., Ro2 Art, Website, Instagram, CVAD Highlight
Victor Rodriquez, 1962, M.A., Art Education, 1955, B.F.A, Art Education, CVAD Highlight  

Art History

Annette Becker, 2015, M.A., director and curator, Texas Fashion Collection
Ann Howington, 2016, M.A., 2004, B.A., Office Support Staff, CVAD Department of Studio Art, Website
Erin Joyce, 2010, B.A., Instagram 
Tania Kolarik, 2015, M.A., Web page, News
Liss LaFleur, 2011, B.A., Art History and B.F.A., Photography, Website
Margaret McInroe, B.A., Art History, B.F.A., Drawing and Painting, Website 
Ailie Pankonien, 2012, B.A., collection manager, Texas Fashion Collection
Amanda Weiss, 2012, B.A., new development support coordinator, CVAD Development Office


Communication Design

Bryant Canzoneri, 2021, B.F.A., Facebook
Doug May, 1977, B.F.A., Visual Communication, Instagram, Website, 2023 Graphis Awards
Stephen Zhang, 1994, M.F.A., Website, Instagram

Communication Design: Graphic Design

John J. Custer, B.F.A., Instagram
Eric Ligon, 1997, M.F.A.
Carter Martin, 2005, B.F.A., Instagram, Cameo Creative
Rex Peteet, 1973-76, Website

Communication Design: User-Experience Design

Amanda Allsup, 2021, B.F.A., Website
Mandi Bosse, 2021, B.F.A., Website

Interaction Design

Matthew Rader, 2019, M.A., Website, Testimonial

Fashion Design

Michele Theriot Alford, 1995, B.F.A., CVAD Highlight
Chanjuan Chen, 2015, M.F.A.
Carlos Reyes, B.F.A., News Article
R'Bonney Gabriel, B.F.A., Website, Instagram-1, Instagram-2, Miss Texas USA 2022
Barbara Trippeer, M.F.A., Applied Design Research

Interior Design

Charran James, 2007, B.F.A., CVAD Highlight
Bill Morgan, 2018, M.F.A., clinical associate professor, Frisco
Johnnie Stark, 1991, M.F.A, 1981, B.F.A.  

Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies

Ari Brielle, 2016, B.A., WebsiteD Magazine, CVAD Highlight 

Studio Art


Karla García, M.F.A., 2019, WebsiteExhibition
Douglas E. Gray, 1994, M.F.A., Francis Marion University, Pinterest
Brenda Lichman, M.F.A., Instagram, Live Art Battle, Art Axis
Caleb Zouhary, 2014, M.F.A., Website, The Potters Cast

Drawing and Painting

Harry Ally, 1976, M.F.A., Instagram
Marcy Bishop-Lilley, 2016, M.F.A, CVAD Career Coach, Website, LinkedIn
Karen Dorff, 1985, B.F.A., Instagram, Faculty Excellence, Retirement
Michael Henderson, 1986, M.F.A., 1983, B.F.A., WebsiteGroup Exhibition
Paul Jones, 2003, M.F.A., Tyler Junior College
Jennifer Leigh Jones, 2009, M.F.A., Website
Michael Kennaugh, 1990, M.F.A, Glasstire article, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, LinkedIn
Bumin Kim, 2015, M.F.A., Instagram
Tina Medina, 2004, M.F.A., Website, Instagram
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, 1984, B.F.A., Instagram
Steven J. Miller, 1978, M.F.A., Conduit Gallery
Jennie Sweo, 1994, M.F.A., Blog, LinkedIn
Austin Uzor, 2021, M.F.A., WebsiteGlasstire Article
Derrick R. White, 1997, M.F.A., 1992, B.F.A., WebsiteInstagram, CVAD Highlight


Naomi S. Adams, 2012, M.F.A., Website
Diedrick Brackens, 2012, B.F.A., Instagram
Tina Marks, M.F.A., 2020, New position: Professor, Stephens College
Liesa Rich, M.F.A., 2007, Facebook

Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Ray Darbro, 2022, B.F.A., Juried National Basketry Organization's "Every1" exhibition.

New Media Art

Morehshin Allahyari, 2012, M.F.A., Website
Adela Andea, 2012, Website


Irby Brad Pace Jr., 2012, M.F.A., Website, Galleri Urbane Exhibition
Letitia Huckaby, 2010, M.F.A., Website, Facebook


Lynn Hubner, M.F.A., Last Art Gallery, Art House
Megan Lockhart Motown, 2010, B.F.A. GIPHY Artist of the Year for 2019


Chance Dunlap, 2014, M.F.A, eGuideMagazine, BlogSpot
Brett Wallace, 1989, M.F.A., Facebook, Instagram