Intern Interview: Kennedy Lewis

Kennedy in a dance move with her arms out, wearing a pink suite

Major: Interdisciplinary Art & Design Studies with a minor in Drawing and Painting and Nonprofit Leadership Studies 

Where are you interning?
Nickelodeon Animation Studios 

What is your favorite part of the internship?
The people! You’ll hear it repeatedly from other Nick interns and employees, but all the people there are so kind and supportive — not to mention fun, and genuinely want to see you succeed. You know you have a team on your side the whole way!

What is something that surprised you about your internship/field?
As unusual as it sounds, seeing and remembering all the kid's cartoons… created in buildings full of adults. And it was a full-time job!  With offices, meetings, responsibilities, and deadlines — it was weird to see the hard work put into creating these colorful, light-hearted shows we all know and love today.

What is the most important thing you've realized/learned during this internship?
Always find ways to connect with others — you’ll be grateful later. Schedule lunches with other interns, employees, and professionals you admire. Having a creative approach makes the interaction memorable for both parties! Some interns connected with their team members through D&D, tarot readings, drawing sessions, favorite games/anime/movies, you name it, so don’t be afraid to share what you’re passionate about! That could be your connecting point. When you take risks, ask questions, explore different departments, and you’re honest about your goals/uncertainties to others, you can help them help you! That’s what interning is for — learning! As you learn more about the company and work there, the company’s learning more about you!

Did the Career Center or your Career Coach provide you with resources for obtaining this internship? 
Absolutely. I had a Professional Practices course requiring a mock interview at the Career Center, which had me prepared, and I found some extra pamphlets and learned about! Using my UNT credentials, I could set up an account, and it helped me construct and practice my answers based on the department I was interviewing for. I can’t recommend it enough for after an in-person mock interview — or if you need to practice on your own.

Do you have any advice for others searching for an internship? 
Don’t limit yourself to big-name studios or companies. Do your research and find roles that match your goals/interests. Talk to people in that company to hear about their experience! It’s better to search as soon as possible so you can prepare your applications ahead of time instead of last minute.