Intern Interview: Hallow Geffert

Hallow Geffert in character on stageMajor/Minor?
I’m majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting and Drawing with a Minor in Art History.

The organization you're interning with?
The organization I’m interning with is Meow Wolf.

What is your favorite part of the internship?
My favorite part of the internship is working across multiple fields of art and having the freedom to work creatively with gentle guidance. I also appreciated that I worked during the space between gestation and completion- it’s really special to watch the exhibit grow from a stage of construction to a fully finished artwork!

Something that surprised you about your internship/field?
The layers of work that go into these exhibits surprised me. It’s a process that takes months to do. The product results from multiple teams of people- making backgrounds, fine details, sculptures, light and sound elements, etc. When you think the exhibit space is finished, it’s not! Every detail is considered within each of the spaces. Everyone collaborates in a fluid motion to make these spaces cohesive and unique! It’s been amazing to be a part of it.

What is the most important thing you've realized/learned during this internship?
I realized during this internship that there are so many places to go and things still to learn within my craft! And that collaboration is an important part of honing your craft. You learn a lot through working with people who have different skill sets.

Do you feel like choosing your major has been helpful in preparation for this internship and your future career in the field?
I think my time in painting courses has prepared me for this internship and my future career. I also have to attribute help in preparation to the sculpture and ceramics courses I’ve taken, my Mom for going through a decoupage phase, and my stint as a leather painter. Every new experience I have pushes me to exciting and unexpected results!

Did the Career Center or your Career Coach provide you with resources for obtaining this internship?
Yes! They held an informational event at the Union that I attended before applying. Jill Gower helped me revise and optimize my resumé and cover letter multiple times before I applied. I also had a mock interview with Marcy Bishop that helped me with that part of the hiring process.

Is there any advice you’d give to others searching for an internship?
The advice I would give to others searching for an internship would be to know your documents and know yourself. The first place you’re seen as an applicant is on paper! Knowing what you want is also a very important component. It will probably show during the interview process if you don’t have a particular interest in what the company does. Set a goal and work to reach it!