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Studio Art announces its Fall 2022 Rotating Topics

Topics vary each semester. Interdisciplinary and inter-media approaches to art-making. Courses offer an integrated, multidimensional approach to art-making.

The schedule of classes that are going to be available for the Fall 2022 semester will be available on myUNT on March 7, 2022. For more information about Fall 2022 registration for classes, visit the website for the Office of the Registrar, Fall Academic Calendar Guide.

Topics by Course Number

ASTU 3000.501 / 3201.501 / 5000.501 Embroidery 

M/W, 11 a.m.–1:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 258 
Instructor: Amie Adelman 

Embroidery dates to 30,000 BC; it conveyed rank and social standing in many cultures. Today contemporary artists use embroidery to make environmental, political, and social statements. This course aims to develop an artistic voice, master techniques, and broaden the definition of embroidery by using unexpected materials and processes to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms by hand and with a sewing machine. Visit the UNT Embroidery Instagram page to see professional contemporary embroidery artists and UNT student work. 

ASTU 3000.502 / 5000.502: Book Arts 

T/Th, 11 a.m.–1:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 266 
Instructor: David Wolske 

Application of the concepts and techniques of bookmaking to create sequential works of art. Emphasis on developing ideas, materials, presentation, and basic bookbinding techniques in one-of-a-kind and multiple books. 

ASTU 3000.503 / 3801.501 / 5000.503: Basketry 

M/W, 2–4:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 258  
Instructor: Amie Adelman 

Bend, stretch and contort human-made and natural materials to create three-dimensional forms using hand-manipulated processes. Learn cathead, coiling, twining, and weaving techniques through challenging yet rewarding samples and assignments that encourage individuality, artistic growth, and risk-taking in a supportive class environment. Visit the UNT Basketry Instagram page to see traditional and contemporary artwork made by professional basket makers and UNT students. 

ASTU 3000.504 / 5000.504: Drawing & Sculpting the Head 

M/W, 11 a.m.–1:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 466 
Instructor: Christian Fagerlund 

This course provides an in-depth examination of the human head’s anatomy, morphology, and expressive potential. We will work with live models, using both 2D and 3D mediums, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of this complex subject. 

ASTU 3000.505/ 5000.505: Hybrid Forms 

T/Th, 5–7:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 466 
Instructor: Jim Burton 

This unique course provides hands-on experiences with community-based and arts-based research approaches in cross-disciplinary projects to investigate personal and communal histories within the context of (un)familiar places anchored in the current cultural and social environments. We will explore arts-based methodologies, such as walking methodology, performativity, and art social practices. At the same time, we examine ethical dilemmas and issues related to the walking process, social activism, and art as a vehicle for social change. 

ASTU 3000.506 / 4800.501: Guided Interdisciplinary Exploration in Metalsmithing & Jewelry 

T/Th, 2–4:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 172
Instructor: Ana Lopez 

This course will provide a unique opportunity for students from other areas of study to conduct project-based research in Metalsmithing & Jewelry with a singular focus. Examples include exploratory painting/printmaking in enamel, small-scale lost-wax casting, miniature welding, wearable artforms, etc. Students will work with faculty to develop their methodology and schedule, including the necessary technical instruction, samples, prototypes, and completed projects. Enrollment is limited to five students. Interested students are encouraged to contact James Thurman,  james.thurman@unt.edu, Metalsmithing and Jewelry program coordinator, to discuss their potential project for this course. 

ASTU 3101.501: Ceramics: Architectural Ceramics 

T/Th, 2–4:50 p.m., Art Studio Building and Ceramics Building, CVAD2 
Instructor: Eliza Au 

This class investigates how the ceramic medium is used within the context of architecture. Though the building units of the brick, tile and pillar will be discussed, the focus of this course is to create objects which respond to an environment or a context in a new and meaningful way. The boundary between architecture, the environment, and installation art will be explored through the lens of the craft field. 

ASTU 3105.501 / 5000.506: Materials Studies 

M/W, 11–1:50 p.m, Art Studio and Ceramics Building, CVAD2 
Instructor: Brooks Oliver 

Study and practice of ceramics materials, clay body and glaze formulation/mixing, kiln building practices, and firing techniques. 

ASTU 3201.502: Color and Light 

M/W, 11 a.m.–1:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 468 
Instructor: Elaine Pawlowicz 

This course will examine color through theory, history, materials, application, and interaction. Students will achieve confidence in their color sensibilities by exploring projects based on memory, cultural bias, psychology, and personal preferences. 

ASTU 3201.503: Drawing & Painting: Micro/Macro Drawing 

T/Th, 11 a.m.–1:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 258 
Instructor: Nicole Foran 

Maps describe direction, routes, flow, boundaries, and movement.  They also document shifting alliances, unstable economies, colonial tyranny, and evolving borders, both natural and fabricated. This course will employ the practice of drawing to record, investigate, alter, and construct visual representations of space, infrastructure, hierarchies, and policy.  The focus will be placed on exploring inhabited spaces and those that are considered off-limits. 

ASTU 3601.501: Printmaking: The Innovative Print: Integrating Digital Fabrication 

M/W, 2–4:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 275 
Instructor: Lari Gibbons 

This class incorporates digital fabrication techniques into your printmaking art practice, enabling you to expand on existing processes in new and experimental ways. It emphasizes playful, multi-layered applications of color and ink.  

ASTU 3701.501: New Media Art: Fabrication & Installation 

T/Th, 2– 4:50 p.m., Art Building, Room 356 
Instructor: Christopher Meerdo 

This course privileges tangible material, construction, and fabrication techniques that emerge from screen-based spaces. Students will work to create New Media projects and adapt existing research into thoughtful installations, sculptures, and material expressions. This course considers the material concerns of New Media including 3D scanning and printing, projection mapping, motion capture, custom electronics and acoustics, images-as-objects, fabric printing, laser, CNC, and other digital fabrication methods. Students should be prepared to adapt screen-based practices into experimental physical spaces, installations, and performances. 

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