Image Size Requirements

CVAD Image Size Requirements

Digital Screens in Art Building — Required size: Wide: 1920 px x Height: 980 px, 72dpi; 8.5" x 11" posters will not be considered.

CVAD News and Views website story — send at least one color image, the larger, the better; the minimum is 300 px x 300 px.

UNTCVAD Facebook 

  • Facebook image post size: H: 1005 x W: 1080 px.

UNTCVAD Instagram 

  • H: 1005px by W: 1080px. This is the only size accepted for the CVAD Instagram posts. H: 1005 px by W: 1080 px.

UNTCVAD Twitter — Posting is paused due to low engagement over 24 months. We are referring the Twitter audience to Facebook, Instagram and CVAD News and Views.

UNTCVAD YouTube — send link to the video in the What's the scoop? text box below.

Instagram Takeover Requirements

Request to manage a one-day Instagram takeover.