Image Requirements

CVAD Image Requirements • Less than 700KB per image is preferred

Digital Screens in Art Building — Required size: Wide: 1920 px x Height: 980 px, 72dpi; 8.5" x 11" posters will not be considered; .jpgs or .pngs only.

CVAD News and Views website story — send at least one color image (.jpg or .png), the larger, the better; the minimum is 300 px x 300 px.

UNTCVAD Facebook 

  • Facebook image (.jpg or .png) post size: H: 1005 x W: 1080 px.

UNTCVAD Instagram 

  • H: 1005px by W: 1080 px or larger (.jpg or png). This is the minimum size accepted for the CVAD Instagram posts. H: 1005 px by W: 1080 px.

UNTCVAD Twitter — Posting is paused due to low engagement over 24 months. We are referring the Twitter audience to Facebook, Instagram and CVAD News and Views.

UNTCVAD YouTube — send a link to your video (.mp4) that is on DropBox or OneDrive in the What's the scoop? text box below. A closed-captioned script also is required and along with a description of the video to meet ADA requirements. Under Title II, publicly available videos, whether for entertainment or informational use, must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities. That means including captions on videos both in-person and online so that deaf and hard-of-hearing people can access public services. Websites for public entities should also be fully accessible to users who are deaf, blind or have limited dexterity. Checklist for creating accessible videos.