Nicole Wynn

Nicole Wynn, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
As someone who thoroughly enjoyed fine arts and visual design, I believe interior design is a practical and interesting career choice for me. Creating spaces to keep the user’s health and comfort in mind has been rewarding.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
My hope for the future of design is for states like Texas to favor more renovation and preservation practices in construction rather than complete demolition for new construction. Continuing our education on the importance of our environment and landscape, we can learn to use design to work together with our surroundings and design with the future in mind. I believe, as interior designers, we have the creative vision and unique skillset to make this hope a reality.

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Slide 1: Single perspective render highland landscaping company conference room.

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Slide 2: Single perspective render of Shipping container Nizhoni Navajo residential dining area.

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Slide 3: Single perspective render of town hearth evening dining bar area.