Giselle Villeda

Giselle Villeda, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
Growing up visiting job sites with my dad is what piqued my interest in architecture and design. As I began my education in this program I realized that this was the career path for me. I am passionate about designing spaces that engage and inspire people who use them. Design is such a powerful tool that can make all the difference in the human experience and our world.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
In recent years, there has been a wave of initiative and advocacy that draws attention to critical issues of diversity and representation in the design field. As designers, I believe we can shape and determine the world around us. Design is a tool that can improve someone’s quality of life, and the sustainability of our planet, and have a life-changing positive impact on our local communities.

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Slide 1: Rendered images, plans, elevations, diagrams, and concept statement of office design for uber

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Slide 2: Rendered images, plans, diagrams, and concept statement of restaurant design otium.

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Slide 3: Rendered images, plans, diagrams, and concept statement of multi-use space atlo.