Sydney Todorovich

Sydney Todorovich, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
My pursuit of interior design began in high school with my interest in industrial design presented to me by my sculpture teacher. He introduced me to the relationship between ergonomics and anthropometric studies. Still, once entering the program at UNT, I began to realize the importance of the mental and physical impact of design on everyday life and the positive effects it can have in improving the standard of living for everyone.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
I hope that designers will continue to seek improvements in their work, never settling for less, through the implementation of eco-effectiveness and sustainable practices to reach the 98%.

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Slide 1: Office Break Room concept statement and renderings featuring materials and appliances.

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Slide 2: Office Reception concept statement and floor plan featuring renderings and a elevation.

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Slide 3: Office Conference Room concept statement and material board featuring elevations and corresponding rendering.