Yuleta Roeun

Yuleta Roeun, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
Watching my father work on his architectural projects started my passion for design and architecture. A blank canvas became a completely different environment while implementing scientific research to create a space that helps a person's well-being, and the atmosphere was always intriguing. I plan to continue this trend of service and creativity in a field that prioritizes quality of life and problem-solving.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
My hope for the future of design is always to continue improving the well-being of humans and the environment and restoring the faith of humanity. Good design should be thoughtful and accessible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of creation, innovation, and science.

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Slide 1: Conifer Health Solutions (Commercial Project). On the left is a project information panel, including sector type, programs used, and the project description. The slide includes the material selection, study of color theory, and psychological and health effects. The floor plan is in the upper right corner with two perspectives; the break room and the large conference room.

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Slide 2: Conifer Health Solutions (Commercial Project). This page includes a perspective rendering of the focus rooms, a description, and the inspiration behind the rooms. Relating to the human body, the mitochondria are the main inspiration for creating the powerhouse of the workplace.

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Slide 3: Other projects. Images display the breakdown and inspiration of a logo created for UNT alumni. Images include the primary logo, secondary logo, outline, and inspirational image that make a minimal, elegant, and organic logo. The color palette is also included in the slide.