Zoe Robison

Zoe Robison, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
Four years ago, I changed my major from psychology to interior design. I have always loved Interior Design but didn’t know if that was what I wanted to do with my career. My mom played a big part in influencing my decision to pursue the profession of Interior Design. She is an interior designer in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, and after working with her at her design firm and non-profit organization, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
My hopes for the future of Interior Design are inclusion and belonging. I hope for design to be accessible to everyone and can improve the lives of everyone from any background and at any stage of life.

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Slide 1: Residential: High-End Custom Home Design - Living Room Perspective Rendering

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Slide 2: Commercial: Office Design for DSI - Reception Area Perspective Rendering

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Slide 3: Commercial: Office Design for DSI's relocation and expansion - Conference Room Perspective Rendering