Brent Ravina

Brent Ravina, portrait, black and white

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What led you to pursue Interior Design?
Growing up in Singapore, I was surrounded by innovative and stunning designs. Living in a well-designed environment like that inspired me to create equally compelling spaces which uplift and enlightens the human spirit.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
Design should create solutions for the present and future: it can inspire the soul, edify the mind, and strengthen the body.

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Slide 1: The image depicts a large conference room that comfortably seats 14 people and overlooks the Dallas skyline.

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Slide 2: The image depicts the concept of a "Productive Neighborhood." Latte cups are used to illustrate the concept.

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Slide 3: The image depicts a large learning center that can comfortably seat 30 people. The center features multiple conference tables and seats, and it overlooks the Dallas skyline.