Karina Quintero

Karina Quintero, portrait, black and white

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Portrait photo by Ren Morrison


What led you to pursue Interior Design?
Growing up, my mom's creativity and passion for sewing always inspired me. She had a talent for creating beautiful drapery and clothing, and watching her work sparked my own interest in textiles. With time, that interest evolved into a passion for interior styling. I loved how fabric, colors, and furnishings could transform a room and create a specific mood. Eventually, that interest led me to pursue a career in interior design.

What are your hopes for the future of design?
As technology advances, I think we’ll see more innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to design. For example, the boundaries between interior design and architecture are already becoming increasingly blurred, with architects and interior designers collaborating on projects that integrate both disciplines. That said, I hope to see more collaborations with artists, graphic designers, and other creatives who will bring their perspectives to interior design. This approach will allow for more creativity, diversity, and innovation in interior design.

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Slide 1: Caliber home loans office design. two floor plans with the layout of an office design over two pin-up or bulletin area renders in the corridor of the office design, with materials in lower left corner.

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Slide 2: Salesforce office design. two floorplans describing the layout of the office design based on client requests and company organization.

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Slide 3: Salesforce office design continued. A large floor plan of applied design strategies with two additional perspectives highlighting key areas in the plan.