Alison Price

Alison Price, portrait, black and white

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Project Industry: Residential

Favorite quote: “Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe.” - John Muir

Growing up in a rural town in Texas, ways of entertaining yourself were few and far between. As my family puts it, I've always had the "creative bug" and various hobbies to back that up, from drawing to embroidery and almost everything in between. If it has anything to do with my hands and being creative, I will try it at least once. While attending the interior design program at UNT, my list of hobbies and knowledge expanded. If I were ever to participate in a trivia night based around famous furniture and architectural styles, I best believe I'd ace it. Whatever the future may hold, may it be comfy, colorful, and caring.

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Slide 1: Image 1: 3 circles embedded with images of a single - family, a multi - generational family, and a couple talking to an individual. The circle has color overlays of blue, orange, and red.

Image 2: Sketch drawing of the exterior house.

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Slide 2: Image 1: Existing exterior stairs

Image 2: Existing exterior south wall

Image 3: Existing exterior front entrance

Image 4: Existing interior kitchen

Image 5: Existing interior bedroom.

Image 6: Google location of the house in Santa Barbara California

Image 7: Existing black and white ground floor plan I

mage 8: Existing black and white second - floor plan

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Slide 3:  A sense of place triangle diagram showing the relationship between place attachment, place identity, and place dependence

Image 2: Universal design diagram listing universal design principles

Image 3: Privacy regulation theory diagram showing the relationship between desired privacy and achieved privacy

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Slide 4: Image 1: Layout 1 ground floor plan

Image 2: Layout 2 ground floor plan

Image 3: Rendered kitchen with brown stained cabinetry, large island, and table height seating

Image 4: Rendered master closet with light brown cabinetry, integrated lighting in clothes rods, and an open pocket door leading to the master bedroom

Image 5: Rendered master bathroom showing sliding mirror over windows above vanity and shower entrance

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Slide 5: Layout 2 ground floor

Image 2: Layout 2 - second floor plan I

mage 3: Rendered upstairs living area. The living space is separated from the walkway with a pony wall with a small kitchenette.

Image 4: Rendered ground floor office with blue floral wallpaper on the left wall. The right wall is curved and has windows to view the external environment. Cabinetry is below the windows

Image 5: Rendered bedroom located on the second floor that has sliding wood panels that replace curtains. There is a niche behind the bed with patterned wallpaper in the niche. The windows in the room have views of the exterior beachfront.