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Project Industry: Hospitality

Favorite quote: "Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best."- Frank Lloyd Wright

Well... I never thought that CVAD would be my consistent “third place,” but since my sophomore year, I believe that I have spent more hours in the Art Building than I have spent sleeping. So, "cheers!" to the sleepless nights, six+ hours on Facetime, 12+ hour days, multiple runs for coffee, and most importantly the string cheese snacks. While I would love to say that I will miss it, I think that I am ready for sleep, free time, and weekend getaways. Our wise friend Mr. Rogers once said, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you are at the beginning of something.”

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Slide 1: The exterior of Punch Bowl Social, is a local neighborhood hot spot, arcade, and restaurant. The exterior is wrapped in storefront windows with clear glazing and aluminum mullions. The front patio is covered by large trees, providing shading for those enjoying the outdoors. The front facade is protruded in front of the storefront with a medium-toned exterior wood panel.

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Slide 2: The design concept for punch bowl social is to create a third place within the uptown Dallas community where people gather and interact with each other. By connecting the art, culture, and design to the uptown Dallas roots, the space will create a sense of community and comfort. The combination of vibrant colors, classic mixology, and a variety of interactive games will enhance the users’ senses and develop a unique and memorable experience for each customer. Lastly, incorporating aesthetic design through the Instagram able moments and cultivated putt-putt course will allow customers an authentic experience in their uptown neighborhood.

Punch bowl social is in uptown Dallas, which is a local community that has revitalized the area and started up the trolley cart for the first time in 33 years. In this image is a site map of the uptown Dallas location for the projects. An image of two orange trolly carts strolling down the road with a city in the background. An image of the centerpiece of uptown, surrounded by commercial and multifamily real estate. A color-coded map of uptown Dallas. A logo of uptown Dallas with a trolley cart at the center.

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Slide 3: Areas of focus for this project include aesthetic design, third place, and sensory design.

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Slide 4: First-level floor plan with color-coding to represent which areas are located on level 1. In this image is a square bar with white textured tile and bronze architectural accents. The mid-century modern stools surround the bar and relate to the geometric tile circling the perimeter of the bar. In this image are two dartboards, wall games, community booth seating, and bar top tables. A selfie room with a black and white accent wall covering and blue paint on the back wall. A gold linear pendant hanging from the ceiling with a blue bubble chair beneath. An accent wall with navy, teal, coral, and burnt orange painted geometric shapes that extrude from the wall. On the center of this accent wall is a bronze sign that says tequila time.   

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Slide 5: A floor plan of level 2, each space is highlighted by the function of that specific area. In an image of the exterior patio, the back wall has a large mural of Dallas and is the backdrop for the high-top tables and foosball table. The image shows an orange and navy bar that is surrounded by lounge seating. The wallcovering is geometric shapes and orange and blue accent paint and wallcoverings. On the left wall is a large drink wheel. the image shows multiple groups of lounge seating and high-top tables. On the right of the image is a putt-putt course that is sectioned off by linear bronze architectural poles. The image shows five arcade games in front of a blue accent wall with globe surface-mounted lighting on the ceiling. The image shows a putt-putt course with a large mural of the trolley bar map and a ticket booth where the golf ball goes up and into the ticket booth. On the right of the image is a repeated geometric tile that is organic across the floor and walls in shape.