Shadow Trammel

Hometown: Paris, Texas

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About Me: I'm a 25-year-old graphic designer at UNT, and most of my work is logo creation or branding. I thrive when it comes to animation or color pallets for struggling brands that need a recognizable brand identity. continue my design career with internships at local design companies around Dallas or Fort Worth. When it comes to describing my work, I gravitate toward brands that need help looking more professional or youthful look. I work well with others when it comes to team projects and bouncing ideas off other creatives helps me understand other ways of thinking and solving problems.

Fun Fact: I also know computer programming.

 The main elements of the piece is  the earth and a mosquito designed to look like a fracking rig, as the mosquito sucks the life out f mother earth. The style had to be ruff and giddy like the acted of fracking. 

This artwork showcases a mosquito styled as a fracking rig, symbolically portraying its act of draining the vitality from Mother Earth. The visuals were meant to appear rough and playful, reminiscent of fracking itself.


A brand board of all the elements of the coffee shop with texts, darker tone color to set a relawing vide.

The elephant logo helps evoke a familial, local feeling for customers. To emphasize what has made them so popular, I condensed the colors and design elements to make it more captivating.


A new interpretation of the business's name can be found by swapping out the two central letters with a double egg yolk, a symbol of good fortune.

By reinventing the logo, we could add an element of charm to the brand, prompting customers to appreciate it right away. The twin eggs are a symbol of good luck, so intertwining them will help customers associate with the brand more closely.


Multiple images of the over all scale shape of the Annual report. With  color and full shots of the layout of the book.

Sprouts Farmers Market desired a refreshed Annual Report design to both exhibit the expansion of the stores and feature their unique brand personality. The report needed to convey factual information in a modern, cheerful way.


Showing four images of the onboarding login screen of the sun tracking app.

I designed each character to give off a friendly look while also be in the same language I had created throughout the app. This character can be used for advertisement or have fun animations when using the app.