Rachel Torres

Hometown: Houston, Texas

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About Me: My name is Rachel Torres and I am a Graphic Designer with a love for color and finding unexpected solutions. My love for puzzles, visual arts, and reading are what inspire me to design. When I’m not pulling all-nighters you can find me pouring over old family albums, cooking way too much food, or taking pictures of book covers at Barnes and Noble.

Fun Fact: I was a competitive dancer for almost 10 years! – I doubt I can still leap as gracefully as I used to, but I am 100% sure I can beat ANYONE in Just Dance.

Read captionFive images in a grid showing a logo, a coffee mug, bag, women is carrying a cart

This campaign for Via Organica, a non-profit in Mexico whose mission is to promote organic agriculture, focused on a rebranding that better matched their unique tone and differentiate them from their competition.


A logo written Luby's with yellow background

The aim with Luby's was to take advantage of their downsizing with the introduction of a food truck. This would allow them marketing to a younger audience with the challenge of honoring their current demographic and history. 


Illustration named "Real women have bodies" showing an art.

Real Women Have Bodies is part of a collection of queer, feminist, horror short stories by Carmen Maria Machado. The goal accomplished was to capture and aid the vivid imagery of the story through illustration and layout.


Image showing bird food and displays a logo Wagner's bird seed

Wagner's Bird Seed is a company known for their pioneering nature and as industry leader. This project was the realization of a more elevated, gourmet, and environmentally minded approach to their branding and packaging. This includes a more refined and updated mark, and a smaller reusable bag.


Image shows 3 mobiles showing the activities includes time stamp

August Home is a company that works to protect your smart home with wifi connected door locks and cameras all from your phone. This ad campaign highlights their innovative app which is what differentiates them from their competition, as well as their focus on family.