Jamileh Shiber

Hometown: Keller, Texas

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About Me: Hi-ya, I am Jam! You read that right! I am a Jordanian American designer based in DFW Metroplex. It was fate, but I always knew I’d be an artist from a young age. Among the astronauts and doctors, Kindergarten me would relish being the one whose dream came true. I strive to create engaging designs that not only solve a problem but also tell a story along the way. To design with intent but also never lose a sense of play! 

Eargo hearing aid packaging with bright colors and visualized sound patterns to capture the unique spectrum of the product. Stands out among competitors in the over-the-counter hearing aid market.

The Eargo mission is to provide accessibility and education on hearing loss. By 2050 2.5 billion people globally will have a stage of hearing loss, and by 2030 the hearing aid market will grow to $19.5 billion. A new law passed in 2022 allows the purchase of hearing aids over the counter. Yet, there is still a stigma surrounding the use of hearing aids. Eargo can attract a larger market through new in-store packaging. The new brand system is expressive, high-tech, and most importantly, human. Treating hearing loss on a spectrum, through color and sound waves, allows Eargo to attract a younger market without alienating its current demographic. By taking inspiration from the unique shape of their petal and flexi tips to create a new logo and system within the packaging. Each box highlights key features of each revolutionary product allowing customers to find their best match.


Upcycled craft soda bottles repurposed with colorful hand-painted designs and filled with unique homemade tea flavors. A nod to Texas cowboy culture.

Texas Tea is a beverage company that specializes in bottled iced teas. Each flavor highlights a Texas-grown product and town of origin. Currently, the brand line includes 9 unique Texas flavors. There is so much opportunity for this brand to embrace its origins and what they stand for. While still paying homage to what Texas is known for through its rich agriculture and history. I have envisioned a brand redesign inspired by vintage western illustrations. To show admiration for each Texas town, every label has a rich story on how the unique product came to fruition. As well as keeping the tagline “real Texas, real tea” prominent in my design. I used a colorful palette to represent the essence of each flavor and to also give the brand a fun playful feeling.


Eye-catching packaging for Azina targets young audience with playful design, solving unique kitchen issues for culinary women. Hand-designed products.

Azina is an entrepreneurial kitchenware brand that I developed. The line includes one-of-a-kind products that I invented. Azina strives to bring innovative kitchen gadgets directed with femininity. Growing up managing my family’s restaurant I found myself dedicating a lot of time to various roles. I found that there is a lack of appliances aimed at young feminine kitchen aids and cooks. Azina strives to bring flair and color but also a unique approach with gadgets that aid with simple kitchen tasks. 


The developed brand identity is simple, yet refined. With a play on a continuous line into the theme of the brand, three dog bakery. As well as a colorful, playful, and decorative homage to icing.

Three Dog Bakery is an artisan baked dog treat company with a rich history. In 1989 they opened the world’s first bakery for dogs and has been making tails wag ever since. There is charm and whimsy surrounding the way Three Dog Bakery operates. There is an opportunity to further the love and craft they put in their treats into this new identity mark.