Britney Rodelas

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Visit Me Here: Website

About Me: I am a designer, researcher, creator, based in El Paso with a focus on branding and packaging design. Talking is my forte, I pride myself in my ability to connect with people and hope my designs can do the same.

Fun Fact: I have a minor in New Media Arts and tend to focus on themes of activism and life on the border through my studio art.

On the left, a circular logo with stitching patterns outlining the circle and handwritten type spelling out Melissa and Doug. To the right, is a family shot of a sketchbook, three painting cubes, and paint brushes.

Branding and packaging for the company Melissa + Doug, a childrens toy and cradts brand. The logo was redesigned to modernize while maintaining the integrity and trust of the brand. The design was based on illustration styles from the brands target audience.


To the left, a group photo of a customizable tote bag, sketchbook, and paint brush packaging. To the right, different sides of the paint cubes are shown, with a color wheel and text teaching users about color theory.

A customizable tote bag allows the child to feel involved in the purchasing process. The painting cubes were designed to have two sides dedicated to teaching children the basics of color theory with simplified definitions and color wheels.


To the left, a Lux Rosa logo is displayed with customized blackletter type including thorns an abstracted rose shape as the O in Rosa. To the right, is a storefront with brown, red, and white themed windows and enviornment.

Branding, packaging, and spacial design for Lux Rosa, a chicano streetwear brand. A brick-and-moter storefront was proposed for the currently online based company. The logo was created with chicano culture in mind. A blackletter typeface was customized and used throughout the campaign.


Five images are displayed, the first is a close up of a branded tote bag with a pattern of repeated stems and thorns. The second is a pile of price tags each mimicking the shape of the rose in the logo with abstracted thorns extruding from the sides.

A series of price tags, store signage, iron-on patches, boxes, tote bags, and social media post templates were created for the campaign. With recurring thorn language and the presence of the new custom type, the branding feels more consistent, edgy, and youthful.


Two mockups of Do-Si-Do brochure with contrasting image of January 6th insurrection and text spread. Six spreads on the right feature detailed information, handwritten annotations, and stamped ornaments.

With the MacArthur foundation and DNC as the clients, this do-si-do brochure is educating the public on historical fascism takeovers and comparing it to contemporary social/political situations in a neutral tone. Each spread focuses on a specific patten that was seen in various uprisings. Political instability is noted with a theme of rectangular block shapes falling as you progress through the publication.


Three series poster with three different industries as a focus. Video Game Design poster says START with technology. Graphic Design poster says START with type. Fashion Design poster says START with fabric.

Branding and campaign design for START. START is a program that encourages minority students to explore careers in creative industries. The campaign comes in three phases. The outreach phase is pictured. Three posters are designed, each references an individual creative career. Video Game Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design. 


Three posters featuring cats in humorous predicaments and in need of help with a call out tagline saying donate, adopt, volunteer. The cats are drawn as follows: stuck in a ball of yarn, hanging from a tree branch, and with a fish bowl stuck on it's head. Branding is applied to a shopping bag and a van.

Branding, packaging, and campaign design for Help Meowt Cares. A non-profit cat sanctuary based in El Paso. The brand design is centered on humanizing strays and highlighting their individual personalities. The brand utilizes handrawn cats in various shapes, colors, positions, and patterns to emphasize individuality.