Mir Ortiz

Hometown: Eastvale, California

Visit Me Here: Website

About Me: Designer, Illustrator, and Aquarius– I've always been inclined to use my creativity to make meaningful work. I aim to redefine the public interpretation of art, support and participate in diverse communities, and one day buy the dance-dance-revolution machine of my dreams.

People have asked why I've taken on crippling debt to pursue an art degree in a state that may or may not accept me. Sure, I questioned it too. However, I've accepted the worthwhile experience of learning from/with incredible people, making meaningful art, and developing an appreciation for what life has to offer. 

Fun Fact: I perform as a campy cute drag queen named Efemmemira (E·femme·mir·a)!

Left to right: caled-up brochure cover with Michelle Zauner's face in a gradient of colors and painterly marks surrounding her, four spreads of the inside of the brochure, each containing portraits of artists with their own colors.

The Mary Jo & V. Lane Rawlins Fine Arts Series is one of the longest running creative event series at the University of North Texas (UNT). Every year since 1903, the Fine Arts Series announces a new season of performing, visual, and literary artists coming to campus for students and the local Denton community.



Various shapes circular shapes and dramatic typeography move, dance, and disappear across the screen in rythm with the music.

Various shapes circular shapes and dramatic typeography move, dance, and disappear across the screen in rythm with the music. 


A bright pink monochrome scene of marbled vinyls, vinyl covers, cd covers, mixtapes, and  old-school record player laying on a fuzzy carpet floor.

Pink Pantheress is a stage name for a young English singer and songwriter with a unique alt-pop sound. While her real name is unknown, Pantheress’s music was discovered on TikTok when her songs caught popularity. Despite major collaborations with top artists such as Willow Smith, Baby Keem, beabadoobee, and CKay— she has only released one mixtape, To Hell With It.


A line of four phone screens each showing a different part of the app's homepage. The colors are soft with amorphous graphics flowing from top to bottom.

An imagined app for young adults who need encouragement  and personalized assistance with their basic health needs. Covered provides medical resources, support, and incentives by presenting options for users to catalog their experience and learn more about the importance of healthcare.