Chloe Mahle

Chloe Mahle, portrait, black and white

Hometown: Florida

Visit Me Here: Website

About Me: Hello, my name is Chloe Mahle. I am a graphic designer who is graduating from the University of North Texas with a BFA in communication design, with minors in marketing and art history. I first started graphic design in high school while being involved in the yearbook. I have since then come to love designing systems and design itself. Outside of design I enjoy photography, cooking, baking, being outside (especially in the fall), and anything that can get my adrenaline going.

3 screens of the Cashe App, one is on-boarding, the second is login screen, the last one is the home page/dashboard.

Cashe, an app that allows users to see all of thier money information, from multiple banks, all in one place. 


Four screens from Trek app: news articles about climate, article previews on electric cars, challenge hub, and a daily miles driven challenge.

Trek, an app that allows users to track their carbon foot print when traveling, it also doubles somewhat like a navigation app.


Images of Dallas Love Field Airport: exterior sign, redesigned wayfinding, baggage claim, interactive wayfinding point, and Love Field app preview.

Breif preview of my Dallas Love Field re-brand and way-finding. Included with a preview of an app desinged for the new brand.