Emily Guerrero

Hometown: Houston, Texas

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A book with clinical diagrams, eye illustrations, pops of orange illustration in between

"Bi", is a zine made in collaboration with Sade Oyedipe, exploring the ethics of scientific binary perceptions of abstract social constructs. The zine deconstructs various topics by contrasting clinical diagrams deconstructing dialectical thinking with fluid, spectral quotations expressing lived experiences.


The visual system illustrates athletes leaping over paragraphs covering different events. Overcoming the social, physical, and emotional hurdels, in order to cross the rainbow gradient finish line of a brighter, accepting future.

"Love, Courage, Solidarity", is three magazine spreads of a much larger Guardian  article, made in collaboration with Claudia Bastos. The article discusses the symbols and signals of greater global social triumphs, motions toward, social progress present in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. 


"Art Heals: A book with Eugene Tapahe's photography of Indigenous women in Jingle Dresses and contemporary writings on activism and identity."

"Art Heals: The Jingle Dress Project", presents the covid-19 pandemic performative photography series of Eugene Tapahe, documenting dance as an act of healing at historic sites on ancestral land. The images progress through the book in a westward motion paired with contemporary writings on Indigenous identity and activism in relation to art and land.    


Typographic campaign for The Order of the Good Death for a non-profit, using gothic typography on aged parchment paper with tagline.

"The Order of the Good Death", is a non-profit death education and death resource foundation which aims to spread awarness about alternative forms of end-of-life and burial practices. They specifically advocate for green forms of burial, while also trying to destigmatize active participation in a loved one's end-of-life care.


Branding campaign for Stagecoach Theater Company with logo of a stagecoach featuring a star-shaped window and circular audience design.

The "Stagecoach Theater Company", is an interactive theater house which produces lively theatrical productions of classic and modern plays. The theater company is set in an up and coming area of Virginia, hosting not only interactive plays, but also, dinner productions and acting classes.