Sabrina Franco

Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico

Visit Me Here: Website | LinkedIn

About Me: Hola! I’m Sabrina, a graphic designer with a passion for fashion and a matcha latte addiction. As a designer I strive to bring that love and curiosity for the visual arts that I’ve carried with me since I was a child into my work, combining it with problem-solving skills in order to create successful designs.

My goal as a designer is to work in the editorial design field, working at a fashion magazine is where I can picture myself in the future. Whenever I’m not designing, you can find me in the kitchen trying new recipes while sipping on some wine, playing dress up in my room or simply outside basking in the sun, playing my favorite songs on full blast.

Fun Fact: I was a competitive dancer for almost 10 years! – I doubt I can still leap as gracefully as I used to, but I am 100% sure I can beat ANYONE in Just Dance.

Branding campaign for fashion retailer Delia’s, featuring colorful photographs of hang tags, a shopping bag and print catalogs.

Major campaign for Delia’s – targeted towards all of those early 00’s kids who always wanted to shop from them, this project is a revival of the brand and how it would look nowadays.


Continuation of Delia’s branding campaign, featuring mockups of a website, app and a social media post

Digital design for the Delia’s revival includes a website, an app and an example of their social media posts.


Photograph of a person with bright pink hair, Strawberry Leopard logo  featured on the right side of the photo.

Logo design for Strawberry Leopard, hair dye brand which sells bright colored hair products.

Photographs of cover and 3 spreads of the Made Trade catalog.

Catalog for online sustainable fashion retailer Made Trade. This publication focuses on value being greater than price, this message is represented throughout the catalog though the combination of imagery and the “greater than” symbol.


The objective of rebranding Boy London was to cultivate a rebellious and edgy brand identity that resonates with the fashion-forward and alternative youth culture, and to leverage the heritage and authenticity of punk fashion to drive brand loyalty. By modernizing and refreshing the visual identity, while staying true to the roots of the punk style, the brand aims to attract a new generation of customers who crave individuality and self-expression. The rebranding will enable Boy London to differentiate itself from competitors and establish a more prominent position in the global fashion industry.

The Frank zine! Collaborative piece with Nathan Smith. Zine project displaying the multiple meanings of the word Frank. Taking a mid century modern aesthetic, we talk about Frank’s different definitions as well as different figures throughout history with the name Frank.


Photograph displaying the campaign logo, a spread from the lookbook, paper dolls and a matchbox design.

Major campaign for fashion designer Harris Reed. The project includes general branding assets as well as a look book and paper dolls featuring garments from their Spring/Summer 2023 collection.