Natalie Crawford

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

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About Me: My name is Natalie Crawford (they/them), and I am a queer graphic designer in the business of elevating the business and efforts of minority communities. From UNT I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, and Art History and LGBTQ Studies minors.


3 flyers for the Pride Alliance at UNT sit on a purple background, all partially cut off by the frame. One is the contact information, one is Student Orgs, and the last is Crisis Resource Contacts.

These flyers were part of the extensive work I did with the Pride Alliance at UNT over nearly 4 years. These not only include the logo I designed, but defined the brand as a whole. I have since label myself as a "Creative Advocate" in that I will continue to use my work to provide impacts for the minority communities I represent and call my own.


Two phones overlap on a light blue background. One shows the Instagram account of Canine Companions featuring the rebranded designs. The other phone shows off one of the images with it's caption, which depicts a boy with a service dog.

Canine Companions is a company that trains and provides service dogs to those in need. They are one of the leading companies for service dogs in the United States.I chose to focus my project rebrand for class on expanding the company's audience into social media and younger audiences, resulting in these social media images.


A large laptop mockup is on the left of the image, depicting the black and brightly colored calendar format. This format extends below the screen, creating a scroll effect. On the right of the image, there is a smaller laptop mockup depicting a pop-up.

The Trees Dallas rebranding project was a project in my Interaction Design class. I was in a team with three other designers: Nima Ayagh, Hope Bernard, and Hannah Jung. We worked collaboratively to establish the overall brand and then applied it to our own sections of the website that we developed. This image features my work on the calendar pages.


On a purple background is two business cards side by side, slightly overlapping eachother. The left side shows the front of the card, which is rainbow with the new Dallas Pride Logo. The right side shows the back of the card with the individual's name.

Dallas Pride is an event that takes place yearly to celebrate the LGBTQ+ rights movement and the LGBTQ+ community in and around Dallas, Texas. It is a combination of a festival and parade that takes place over the first weekend in June. In updating their branding, I wanted to create a design that embodied the festival's origins in Dallas, but also was modern, fun, and appealing to any audience.This image depicts the business cards of this design.


An open magazine is on a light blue background featuring the article "When Your Child Is a Psychopath" by Barbara Bradley. The page is turning to show a portion of the following page.

For a project, I was assigned was "When Your Child Is a Psychopath" by Barbara Bradley Hagerty. This article was originally published by The Atlantic. It contrasts a story about a family with a daughter diagnosed with psychopathy and research about a new reward-system based method for people with this condition. I developed a visual language around this idea, depicted in the mockup.


Three posters are hung side by side with black clips. Each poster is white with different simple and professional cooking utensils side by side. Each posters' headline is the following:

Kingsford Flavor Boosters are a charcoal additive that adds flavor to food as you cook it. This product was assigned to me in my art direction class for creating a 3 page ad campaign. In this assignment, I chose to push concept rather than displaying the product most prominently.