Marly Chhoeung

Hometown: Texas

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About Me: They say a lot about people can be described by what they keep in their wallets. In mine, you can find eight-year-old train tickets, a well-used marker, and a picture of my hamster. Ever since I was three, I defined myself as an artist and that holds now. I anticipate that will remain until my bus tickets are 50 years old.

Logo design features the text "hyperflyer" in a script style typeface waving across the screen. At the end of the text is a cartoon-style rabbit holding a box piloting an airplane.

Logo design for Hyperflyer, an app-based delivery service.


Visual design of the app screens for Hyperflyer uses chunky text and squared buttons. App screens displayed are discovery page, delivery page, and favorite locations page.

App design for Hyperflyer.


Illustrations featured in the book are paper-cut in style and contain fridge magnet letters, fisher-price toys, and children's learning blocks. Colors are bright and many.

A book detailing the history of Fisher-Price.


Scenery is a desert with a long winding road. A yellow "curved road" traffic sign reads "weeeeee." Headline reads "revitalize your ride" with an image of the product next to it.

Advertisement for Sea Foam Motor Treatment.


Bolivian Llama Party logo in neon on brick wall with llama shape from squiggles, triangles, circles, and squares. Stationery, sopa pic, and app design too.

Logo, stationery, and app design for the restaurant Bolivian Llama Party.