Kaitlin Catellier

Hometown: Sherman, Texas

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About Me: I am an illustrator and designer who seeks to apply my style and curiosity to as many arts as possible. It would not be a straightforward answer if I were to tell you what drives me. I constantly evolve, change, grow, and reach for something new and exciting. Different things throughout my little phases inspire and motivate me to keep making work and pushing my boundaries. Said inspirations include books written in old English, coffee table books, fashion, architecture, fine art, music, other artists, interior design, furniture design, photography, and anything visual.

Fun Fact: I put little ham cubes in things that don't need little ham cubes.

White square book with Lucy & Yak logo and a blue van on the cover, titled 'A Vehicle For Change.' Vibrant 2D illustrations throughout in shades of blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green.

Brand book for Lucy and Yak. Lucy and Yak is a sustainable fashion brand based in the UK and fights for equality whether it be their audience or their employees. They strive to be as inclusive as possible and are out to prove that just because business is booming doesn't mean a brand can't also be sustainable too.


These spreads feature an earthy color palette of muted tones, and display photos of chlorophyll prints on leaves surrounded by various brush and twigs. There is a pencil-drawn grid with a few drawn nut shells in addition to the copy and photography.

Robert Shultz is a photographer who uses a scanner as his main tool to capture his images. Using illustrations and the idea of a scanner building up an image from outlines and shapes, these magazine spreads were created to showcase Shultz's style, and process and to tell the story of this particular series titled "Memorial Leaves"


This poster is plastered on an industrial wall. shows shades of green with a delicate line-drawing of a dumpster and various garbage around it drawn to replicate a suburban home. Over the drawing is check imagery, such as who it is to, where it is

This social cause poster was designed to raise awareness of the growing problem of people facing homelessness in Dallas. It reads as a check with the background being an alley version of a typical suburb home, allowing for the realization that this is how a chunk of our population lives and that it could just as easily be anyone.