Sarah Bieker

Hometown: Houston, Texas

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About Me: Being raised in a creative household, I’ve grown to love many different art forms, from traditional drawing, photography, graphic design and many other textile mediums. It has grown my love for layering different detail elements so the eye always has something to be drawn to. If I’m not on my computer, you can find me watching football, restoring my classic car, or spending time with my family and dog Punkin.

Fun Fact: I own a 1970 Chevelle that I completely restored with my dad starting when I was 12.

Mean Green athletics event ads and player pride posters are collaged together to show a variety of digital and print materials for the varying teams.

When designing for the Mean Green athletic department, graphics were primarily used as social media ads to help promote events, games, and school pride and to celebrate the victories of individuals and the team as a whole. If not used for social media, many graphics were printed as posters, materials for game day, or used on other online platforms like email and youtube. Many opportunities were present to mix photography, patterns or textures, and text to create a dynamic and exciting look while also delivering information to the public to gain traction.


Posters of the fan favorite Pittsburgh Steelers' players are created to look like playing cards along with phone cases that depict the teams iconic sayings and team memorabilia.

When being a sports fan, many people take pride in being a fan of a player or the team as a whole. Often times when going to a game, fans will shop in the home team’s stadium merch store to buy game memorabilia and team-branded merch. The team and other licensed sports companies will also sell branded and player pieces to boost sales and pride in being a fan of a team. Often times, huge fans will have at least one shirt, jersey, poster, phone case, or car decal to show pride in the team. Or even to some extremes, some will have rooms filled with player-themed decor.


Varying business print materials, such as a logo, business card, employee T-shirt, and vehicle are shown along with the functioning assets, such as an app and branded red nail polish.

Cherry, now called Cherry Red, is a nail service that lets people order a Pro Cherry nail technician to their space, like Door Dash's delivery service. Being able to order your nail service to your home provides a safe environment that fits with a busy schedule. It is a smaller brand only servicing Dallas, Austin, Houston, and surrounding areas. Cherry Red is different than other at-home services because it is completely waterless and has one-time use tools to prevent contamination. This is more hygienic and more effective to be an at-home service. Cherry Red is unique by allowing you to pick your Pro Cherry before booking your appointment. 


Branded materials of new dog food packaging, billboard, social media ad and website are shown with varying dogs and their excitement for the food. A new logo is also shown with the brand name and paw print for the “e” in Natural Balance.

Natural Balance is a limited-ingredient dog and cat food brand that has been around for over 30 years. They believe in simple-to-understand ingredients that make it easy to feed your pet knowing what they are consuming. Each bag’s ingredients are research-backed, honest, and tested to be the safest for your animal’s well-being. Their list of ingredients is easy to pronounce and transparent to give you confidence in what you are feeding your furry friends. Their limited ingredient list serves as a well-formulated food for picky eaters and is packed with the key nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life. Each bag can be traced and tested by their licensed registered Veterinary Technicians to know what exactly is in each bag.


Earthbound Trading Co. is a home for the free spirits that come as they are. They started as a small crystal shop and have expanded into apparel, jewelry, and home decor. The focus of this project was to revamp their current branding with a new unapologetic and organic look that represents the family of customers they have built themselves around. The bright colorful pallet and fun illustration style make the brand more lively and easily noticeable in shopping malls.


EcoToss was created for a cause-based non-profit class group project. Our goal was to change the mindset of how people use single-use plastics and the effects they have on the environment. We used a fun and bright color pallet along with a loose, organic illustration style to be an approachable way to learn about ways to be more eco-friendly. The booth and game EcoToss would be at local community events to win prizes and learn about alternatives to plastics and the environment. For public donation bins, people would be able to donate their plastic bags to be remade into woven totes and learn about their nearest EcoToss booth.