Hope Barnard

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas

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About Me:  I am passionate about what I create. I strive to find fun, engaging design solutions to any problem.

Fun Fact: I like to ocassionally participate as an art vendor at local pop-up markets.

"Colorful Pete & Gerry's organic eggs packaging with deconstructed chicken imagery and humane farm fresh certification, stands out on the shelf."

Pete & Gerry’s organic eggs is a brand of cruelty-free certified humane farm fresh eggs. The goal was to reinvent the original packaging and brand into something warm, inviting, and fun overall. With bright colors, unique shapes, and the deconstructed imagery of chickens frolicking in fields, the new packaging and logo serve as a more approachable product that stands out on the shelf to consumers.


Brand board of images depicting a rebrand of Amoeba Music consisting of an amoba shaped record & player as the logo, branded collatoral, an ourdoor mural, and merchandise.

Amoeba Music is a vibrant group of music stores in California appealing to all types of music lovers. I combined a vinyl record's unique look and an amoeba's shape to create a brand that reflected the energy of this independent 21st-century music outlet and live performance venue. The rebrand offers a fresh approach to an iconic brand breathing new life in a beloved store, representing a very new generation of communities of artists and listeners coming together.


Illustrative publication booklet layout of spreads featuring illustrations of wildlife, plants, bacteria, and an informtational graph all surrounded by text.

Eco-Future is an informative publication from the USGS to the public to emphasize the importance of helping to maintain healthy ecosystems. The USGS provides reliable scientific information to understand the Earth, manage our biological resources, and enhance and protect our quality of life. This booklet presents information through illustration in an easy to digest way in order to keep the public engaged and informed about environmental issues.


A brand board that features a concept for a mobile app called 'Habit Garden', an apple watch widget, and garden illustrations.

Habit Garden is a productivity mobile app that relies on gaming psychology to create reward systems that keeps users organized, motivated, and encouraged in their day-to-day lives. This app was created to help people feel overwhelmed and give them greater control over their lives. The concept of a virtual garden is meant to give them an outlet for tangible growth in their habits. The garden may be virtual, but the positive impact is real.


Brand board of images depicting a rebrand of Black Bear Diner  consisting of a bear logo and the following branded assets: coffee packaging, website, app, social media, T shirt, apron, to go bag and box, coffee mug, and business card.

Black Bear Diner is a restaurant chain marketed toward families and children specializing in breakfast and comfort food. For this rebranding campaign, I wanted to give this brand a fresh, modern look while keeping the playfulness of the initial brand. The color pallet balances the quirky and the sleek that this restaurant has to offer.