Hernandez Juliana

Hometown: Houston, Texas

About Me: I am a graphic designer based in Texas who seeks to bring a diverse range of art and design into everyday life for everyday people because all people deserve to experience aestheticism in the ordinary. One could describe my personality as industrious, miscellaneous, and conspicuous. I am influenced by eclecticism in style, skills, and interests to create in a heterogeneous manner. When I'm not busy designing super cool stuff, you can find me painting masterpieces, reading dystopian novels, listening to every song ever made, and cutting all my hair off again. I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

Fun Fact: I firmly believe that gummy bears are the best ice cream topping.

White text on red background says Lipton, established 1890. A grid of tea boxes on a purple background shows different types of teas and colorful illustrated patterns.

This brand refresh brings Lipton up to date with a younger audience while still acknowledging the long-standing equity of the brand that their older audience will recognize. A new logo design as well as the development of a colorful illustrated pattern system help elevate Lipton back to its original status as a high-quality, accessible brand. New packaging, advertisements, social media, merchandise, and a website were designed as part of this brand campaign as well.


Jolie Vue Farms 2021 brochure with blue watercolor illustrations, inside pocket with recipe cards.

Jolie Vue Farms is a Texas-based farm that focuses on cruelty-free and sustainable farming practices. The brochure showcases the different types of meats they sell in a catalog and is meant to advertise their monthly meat delivery subscription packages. The script typography elements and illustrations were hand-painted with gouache.


Four colorful mockups display bags of coffee beans and grounds with different flavors. The brand is Allegro Coffee, and the back of the bags says Start your day with a cup of cheer.

Allegro Coffee is an organic coffee brand sold at Whole Foods stores. The goals are to develop a strong brand identity and communicate energy and playfulness through the design of the packaging and overall brand (such as the spinning logo). The use of bright and unconventional colors helps the brand to stand out against competitors, break from traditions surrounding coffee packaging, and convey the bold rich flavors of the coffee.


Editorial magazine spreads featuring Vanilla Chi's artwork and backstory, with aqua and black text on white pages.

Vanilla Chi is a New York based Chinese artist. Her backstory and work are discussed in the article. The monotone water drop design elements relate to the tears and water present in this series of her work. Her work has a very prominent graphic quality, and this layout design plays with that through repetition and clean typography.


Rustic Caveman Burgers sign with logo, employee holding cheeseburger, and to-go food packaging displayed on yellow background.

Caveman Burgers is a burger restaurant in Arizona that closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The business focuses on all-natural, locally sourced ingredients that are both unique and better tasting. For the rebrand, a new logo, menu, and food packaging were designed to better reflect the business and that relate to a cave-painting aesthetic.Aall of the illustrated design elements were hand-painted and scanned in.


5 BENEE album covers and Spotify phone mockups: 1) 'Fire on Marzz' - Mars on fire with illustrated face. 2) 'Stella and Steve' - Close-up of candies with car illustrations. 3) 'Hey U X' - Purple flowered TV with snail holding leaf umbrella. 4) 'Lychee' - Vibrant mouth eating lychee berries. 5) 'Feature Presentation' - Illustrated fruit bowl with film slide.

BENEE is an alternative indie pop musician from New Zealand. Her discography and brand language have been reimagined to create a more cohesive identity. Album art, physical music assets, and merchandise have been created to convey the eclectic and surrealist nature of her music.


Accordion brochure with 6 pages on each side for Magic Valley, a cultivated meat company. Stationery set with letterhead and business card. Banner for food expo event and 3 hanging poster advertisements.

Magic Valley is an Australian cultivated meat company. The brand campaign informs and educates the audience about the scientific process and benefits of lab grown meat with bold graphics and diagrams. The identity of the brand conveys innovation, sophistication, and accessibility.