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UNT Severe Weather FAQs

As a reminder, should the University ever close, delay opening, or cancel classes for inclement weather, an Eagle Alert notification will be issued. If an announcement is NOT made, then the university will be open. More information can be found on the UNT Weather Information web page

Further Updates: The National Weather Service will continue to refine its forecast. Get the latest conditions and outlooks directly by visiting the NWS website:

We will continuously monitor the weather and provide updates on our social media sites as we can. Follow us on Twitter for our most frequent updates:

The latest road conditions for Texas can be found at the Drive Texas website.

How will I know if UNT is closed for severe weather?

Current UNT students, faculty, and staff will receive an Eagle Alert message by text, call, and email saying the university is closed or the opening time is delayed. Before severe weather arrives, confirm your contact number at (faculty and students) or (staff).

If weather conditions could make driving dangerous, check local media reports, the UNT Facebook page (@northtexas), the @UNTEagleAlert X account or before leaving for campus. Only delayed openings or closures are announced. If no announcement is made, then the university will be open.

When will I know if UNT is closed for severe weather?

The university administration will try to decide regarding delayed openings or closures as early as possible. Most early-morning decisions are made in time to be included in the 6 a.m. media reports.

When does UNT close for severe weather?

When university officials think weather conditions significantly threaten the safety of students, faculty, and staff who drive to campus, UNT will delay its opening time, close early, or close for the day.

Who decides whether UNT will close?

The decision to close the university is made by a team of professionals representing departments across campus, including Emergency Management and Safety Services staff members, the UNT Police Department and the Office of the President.

How will I know if UNT decides to close after the start of business?

The university may close and cancel classes in the middle of the day if weather conditions deteriorate. If this is necessary, in addition to the Eagle Alert, Facebook, and X messages, the university also will issue a notice, and main telephone numbers for UNT departments may be forwarded to the university's Broadcast Notification System. The notification system will provide callers with up-to-date information.

I take classes at UNT Frisco – do weather delays or closures impact my class?

If the UNT Denton campus is closed, the UNT Frisco campus also will close and classes will be canceled for the day. If the UNT Frisco campus is closed for severe weather, the UNT Denton campus may still remain open. 

I only take classes at Discovery Park; do weather delays or closures impact my class?

If the UNT Denton campus is closed, the Discovery Park also will close and classes will be canceled for the day. If the UNT Denton campus is open, Discovery Park also is open.

I only take classes online; do weather delays or closures impact my class?

No assignments are due during weather closures. Please check with your professor. 

I saw that UNT Dallas, UNT Health Science Center, or the UNT System offices are closed; why are we open?

Other entities within the UNT System make their own closure decisions and announcements. The UNT Denton campus makes decisions based on weather and driving conditions in the Denton area.

I have a long commute through dangerous conditions and the university is open. What should I do?

Use your best judgment regarding travel, even if the university is officially open. If you do not feel comfortable traveling to campus, contact your professors.

UNT’s attendance policy allows professors to set their own attendance requirements for a course. If you are concerned, first contact your professor to discuss your circumstances. Contact the department chair if you still feel the situation has not been addressed.

Will the bus and shuttle services still run if the campus is closed?

UNT's shuttle services are operated by the Denton County Transportation Authority. Check the DCTA website for weather-related service updates.

If UNT is closed, will other services, such as the Rec Center, Libraries, Health Center, etc., be closed too?

When UNT closes for business, all service locations close as well. Dining Services will keep a small number of select dining hall locations open for students on campus. If the Rec Center or other services are opened, the university will post that information on the UNT website.

If UNT is closed, will all events also be canceled?

When UNT closes, all events scheduled at UNT are automatically canceled, except for some Athletics events. Check the Mean Green Sports website for specific information about Athletic events during a closure. 

Are ONLINE-only classes also canceled?

All classes are canceled, and no assignments are due while the university is closed. Assignments due when the university is closed for weather will be due the next business day the university is open.

If my class straddles the closure time for the university, is it canceled?

Please check with your professor regarding your specific class. Instruction should end when the university closes, but the class time before that time is at the professor’s discretion.

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