Jim wearing round lens glasses, black shirt, short gray hair

Jim T. Wilson

M.F.A., 2018, Studio Art
CVAD Advancement Board Member
Website: Jim Wilson | Studio Artist
Instagram: @jim_t_wilson

Jim Wilson was born in the back seat of a station wagon on the side of the road in the Philippines. From there, his parents moved around the world until they landed in his dad's hometown of McKinney, Texas, where he and his two sisters were raised. After high school, Jim left McKinney and swore he would never return. Like his parents, he has been lucky to travel worldwide, see many wonderful things, and meet incredible people.

Jim with his goofy black dog sitting on a gold velvet couchWilson also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. As a part of his tenures at Harvard and UNT, Jim was a teaching assistant. He currently splits his professional time between painting and architecture. He has a painting studio in McKinney and is the principal design architect at Eikon Consulting Group, with offices in Plano, Sanger, and Austin, Texas.

Among several other affiliations, Jim has served on the Harvard Graduate School of Design Alumni Council, the Harvard University Real Estate Advisory Board, and the University of North Texas College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Advisory Board. Jim has also been very involved with the Harvard Alumni Association of Dallas for numerous years, serving as president at one point in his career.

As a matter of course, Jim eventually returned to McKinney, where he lives with his wife Jennifer. They have four grown children, one grandson, and a really goofy dog.

Colorful abstract painting
"Love Ain't for Keepin'"


Impressionistic painting of four beige roses "Roses in a Vase," 17 x 13 inches


Abstract painting of various colorsDetail of "Til I Reach My Higher Ground," 47 x 47 inches


Detail of an abstract metal sculpture by Jim Wilson