Jaclyn Williamson

2011, B.F.A., Communication Design: Graphic Design
Hometown: Keller, Texas

In Memoriam

A UNT Communication Design program graduate, Jaclyn Paige Williamson (March 31, 1988–July 29, 2022) enjoyed a successful design career with a verve for life.

Starting as an intern at Caliber Creative, Williamson moved through Fossil Group's headquarters and Squires & Company, in Richardson, Texas, before working in-house for nearly eight years at OneSource Virtual as their creative brand manager. Known among her co-workers and peers as “the rag queen,” she had a passion for setting typography, a stellar eye for the perfect color palette, and was a true lover of print and all things paper.

An avid traveler with a natural curiosity about the world, Jaclyn spent time in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom and numerous Eastern European countries, all while working remotely and leading a creative team.

Endearingly sincere, kind-hearted, and wittier than she knew, Jaclyn had a natural ability to connect with people, making countless genuine, deep and lasting friendships. Her knack for a well-timed joke or self-effacing story made her a joy to be around professionally and personally; her consideration and care for others knew no bounds.

Through the Jaclyn Williamson Design Scholarship created by Sarah and Kenneth Williamson in memory of their late daughter, Jaclyn's legacy allows her to take new designers under her wing as they grow and strengthen their skills. To donate to the Jaclyn Williamson Design Scholarship, please visit the web page titled UNiTed and Supporting those in Need on the CVAD website.

Jaclyn smiling at the camera, long brown hair, flowered print shirt, head and shoulders portrait