Angel Cabrales facing forward smiling, glasses, purple hair, purple leopard print jacket

Angel Cabrales

2009, M.F.A., Studio Art: Sculpture
Website: Angel Cabrales
Instagram: Angel Cabrales

Angel Cabrales is an Assistant Professor in Sculpture at the University of Texas in El Paso, Texas. His approach to art is all-encompassing, drawing from a vast array of mediums and styles and intangible elements like his upbringing in the borderland region, which serve as wellsprings for his creative endeavors.

Hailing from the border of El Paso and Juarez, Cabrales derives inspiration from the depths of his ancestral heritage and the environment in which he was raised, infusing his artwork with a compelling narrative.

Growing up in the dynamic borderland environment exposed Cabrales to a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and socio-political complexities from an early age. This dynamic became the cornerstone of his artistic expression. Cabrales aims to inspire fellow Latinos to reconnect with their Mesoamerican roots and foster a deeper connection to their heritage through his art.

His inspiration flows from art, life, and agriculture while encompassing influences from Science Fiction, mathematics, and contemporary political and social issues. His father, a retired engineer at the White Sands Missile Range, a military base in New Mexico, nurtured his fascination with science and engineering. At the same time, his mother, who is a politically active advocate, instilled in him the values of community engagement and social work.

Cabrales' love for science fiction, fueled by authors like Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, and Aldous Huxley, as well as iconic franchises such as Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Star Trek, has left an enduring mark on his artistic vision. This blend of influences and his distinctive cultural perspective have crafted a unique and ever-evolving creativity.

His artistic talent has gained national and international recognition, with his work displayed in prestigious venues, including the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Mexico City. He has also made significant contributions to exhibitions like the International TransBorder Biennial, Texas Biennial, and the Mexic-Arte Museum and has been featured in notable publications.

As an educator, Cabrales imparts his knowledge and passion for sculpture to students at the University of Texas at El Paso levels. He leads a team called EASSI, Engineering + Art + Science = Social Impact, which undertakes community-oriented projects, bridging the realms of art and science in the borderlands of El Paso.

Through Cabrales’ work and unwavering dedication to his craft and community, he continues to shape a narrative that celebrates cultural diversity, fosters understanding, and encourages creative exploration.

A playground swing set for children enclosed in a chain link fence.

An installation of a plastic saguaro cactus and an ice truck on a colorful rug

A wooden dog

Abstract sculpture installation

Abstract sculpture installation

Map of Mexico on a table with a depiction of the moon on the wall behind it.

A colorful dog-shaped pinata made out of metal.

A sculpture of the Chichen Itza pyramid of Mexico mounted on tank's road wheels and track.

A sculpture of a man in a costume with a headdress

Four people on a stage in Aztec costumes holding swords

Ancient icons of native American art made in colorful neon lights.