Onstead Institute

Established in 2015, the Onstead Institute‚Äôs develops, supports, and sustains innovative art and design practices and processes for K-12 education through a program of research, project administration, and public dissemination of information. 

Coming Soon: The Wandering Wardrobe


The Wandering Wardrobe is a project led by the University of North Texas Onstead Institute for Education in the Visual Arts and Design in collaboration with the CVAD's Texas Fashion Collection. The goal of this project is to connect research resources within the TFC to K-12 fine arts students and educators. This involves a traveling collection of historic garments curated by the TFC, related primary source materials, and educational materials to incorporate these resources into classroom learning. These garments and materials will allow for the study of fashion history through the lens of design and social history.

Interested in hosting a garment in your classroom? Please email us at onstead@unt.edu or call 940-565-2280 for more information.