Michael Gibson Featured in a Podcast About How Design Processes Can Fuel Business Projects

Design Decision-Making, Throwing Out Assumptions and Creating for the User

Michael GibsonJune 16, 2020 — In a podcast facilitated by Daniel Litwin, MarketScale interviewer, Michael Gibson, UNT professor of visual communication design, explains why, in design, he celebrates failures for their learning potential.

The intent was to inform a wide variety of people from outside design, especially businesspeople, about what the design process is and is NOT, and how projects guided by design-led research can evolve to yield outcomes that achieve goals that far exceed the desire to make something — a product, a website, an environment, a retail package — look better. Drawing from the breadth of experiences that have informed his career, from designing toys and games to coordinating UNT CVAD’s graduate programs in Interaction Design and Design Research, Professor Gibson’s 55-minute podcast covers three primary areas of discussion.

1) The decision-making that guides what is known as “the design process” — when it’s effective — is fueled by engaging in strategically planned and operated cycles of learning-then-making-then-testing-then-re-learning-and-re-making-and-re-testing between clients, designers, collaborators and stakeholders, or “users;”

2) Design research needs to be guided largely by celebrations and analyses of failure to be effective, and;

3) Effective, human-centered design cannot afford to be over-informed or dominated, by assumptions based on what designers, their clients, and their collaborators think they know and understand about how their intended users think and act. Engaging in well-designed, operated and analyzed research during the opening stages of a project can prevent the unnecessary expenditure of precious money and time.

The information made available in this podcast can prove enlightening and useful for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large, globalized corporations. It would also make for beneficial listening for those who coordinate or manage the operations of non-profit organizations and government agencies. What’s shared here exemplifies the kinds of thinking that inform how design is taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels within CVAD, and also fulfills CVAD’s mission of publicly sharing knowledge and understandings constructed here with the diverse communities that together constitute the north Texas region.

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