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Message from the Dean: CVAD Update for Fall


Dear Current and Future College of Visual Arts and Design students,

As our university continues with its plans to provide safe educational environments for the Fall 2020 semester, I am writing to share what is happening in your home college to support you, our students, as well as the faculty, staff and teaching assistants who deliver the curriculum and keep our college moving forward.

Overall, it is my responsibility as your dean to align us with the greater expectations of UNT as a whole. Regular updates may be found on the UNT Health Alerts website.

What follows here is intended to provide you with as much local detail for the College of Visual Arts and Design as I know at this time.

  • For Fall 2020, many courses will be offered online and through a virtual/remote format while on-campus/in-person sections will be offered for a number of CVAD courses.
  • Our current planning proposes that students will have access to the Art Building facilities and studio spaces, even for courses that are scheduled for remote delivery.
  • Every semester, courses are offered in a variety of ways, and not all courses will be delivered in all formats. Additionally, the format can change and you should check your elected courses regularly to stay informed.
  • We will honor all expectations regarding social distancing and a sign-up process will be in place to control capacity. I ask that all students, faculty and staff honor social distancing out of respect to our whole community.
  • Many of your questions remain unanswered at this time: we are looking at what critique means in a virtual format; how you are evaluated; the format for the delivery of finals, and much more… I ask that you continue to afford us the time to build strong educational experiences for you. We will be providing more specific information by department and program as plans settle.

All of us at CVAD are committed to providing the best possible experience to you, our students. However, as our returning students know, the second half of this past spring semester raised unforeseen challenges for all of us. I am proud of the efforts undertaken by the college to continue your education during those unprecedented circumstances. Now, this summer, everyone again is making tremendous efforts to prepare for course delivery in the fall and we will continue to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” We are learning from the experience of remote delivery in the spring and further adapting and refining the coursework that will be delivered remotely in the fall.

For some of you, having more opportunity to take coursework online may come as a positive. Yet for most creative individuals, we gravitate to in-person experiences. As higher education evolves, we are certain to see more variety in the way coursework is delivered — and how one earns a degree. In time, this will become a choice and not a necessity. Within the arts, the need for experiential learning will remain. In the short-term, for all of our safety, we will need to continuously adapt and evolve until we can offer again complete classroom experiences comprehensively.

I encourage you to sign up for your courses now. All current students should connect with their advisor and new students should participate in orientation. We will be adaptive now, as we in the arts always have been. Creativity and innovation are at our core. So is caring. I care about your health and safety and that of my colleagues, so revisions to our course delivery are now required. Every one of us in CVAD looks forward to the time when we are back teaching and researching in our beautiful facilities. We created spaces for you to share ideas as a community, encouraging you to be together. Therefore, it remains particularly hard for me to now walk around our empty, silent building. I look forward to a time, sooner than later when the cacophony of creative excitement fills our halls again.

Stay safe. Best,


Greg Watts

June 26, 2020

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